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Pirates Of The Curry Bean (Junior Production)

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Pirates Of The Curry Bean (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

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"Fantastically funny show that all our pupils & parents simply adored!"

Claire Mackinder (Head Teacher - Ranby C of E Primary, Nottingham)

The Piratical Musical That's Sure To Shake Yer Booty!
A hilarious musical comedy by Craig Hawes!
• 38 speaking roles & 6 non-speaking roles.
This can be reduced to...
• 24 speaking roles & 2 non-speaking roles
• Unlimited chorus parts.
• Easy to stage and costume.
• A BRAND NEW product; a CD-ROM of all the Pirates of the Curry Bean Songs called "Sing it!" is available. This CD-ROM teaches the songs to the children without any teacher input – children use it at school or at home – think of the time it will save you. Children LOVE learning this way and the product is foolproof. Just give it to the children and they’ll do the rest. Click HERE to see the "Sing It!" video (well worth watching)
• CD of Backing Tracks plus essential sound effects. No pianist required!
• CD of Vocal Tracks.
• Both these CDs include Overture, ALL Songs, Special Effects, Play Ons and Play Offs in the order you need them enabling production and direction to take place without specialist musical expertise.
However - for those of you who prefer a live pianoforte accompaniment, we now have available a superb BRAND NEW Performance Score which encompasses Overture, ALL Play Ons and Play Offs, Songs, Link Music, Cues and Chord Symbols. (Grade 5 / 6 standard).
We also have available a BRAND NEW Rehearsal Score (Grade 2 / 3 standard)

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• Easily manageable props.
• Duration - 1 hour.
• Age range - Key Stage 2 Production. (7-11 years)

Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Anchors away and set sail for swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high seas in this piratical musical that's sure to shake your booty! Young twins Jack & Liza Periwinkle yearn for adventure, so imagine their joy at discovering a real life treasure map! But when the infamous Redbeard and his pungent Pirates of the Curry Bean steal the map and kidnap their mother, the race is on to rescue her, reclaim the map and find the treasure! Accompanied by their faithful cat Fiddlesticks, the twins join a mad admiral and his crazy crew on a voyage of adventure that takes them from Old London Docks to the mysterious island of Lumbago in the sea of Sciatica! Will they be first to find the treasure chest, or is a surprise awaiting them that's even better than gold? With colourful characters, sparkling songs and a witty script as sharp as a cutlass, this show is dripping with piratical style!


Product code: PCB

In the prologue, our narrator Deadeye Dinghy sets the scene with a tale of a mysterious pirate, Captain Swaggersword, who disappeared many years ago leaving his chest of treasure hidden in a far and distant land. The action immediately switches to the Squirty Squid dockside tavern in Old London Town, where the ensemble sing 'Pot Of Gold'. We soon meet the Periwinkle family - feisty landlady Pearl, her fun-loving twins Jack and Liza and their rat-catching cat, Fiddlesticks. It becomes clear that Pearl dislikes all things nautical, ever since her husband Stanley was lost at sea. Deadeye also enters the scene as the children's pirate uncle, whom Pearl disapproves of and quickly ushers out before he can cause any trouble. However, the meddling Deadeye leaves a treasure map on the table, telling the audience "Causing trouble? Why, I've only just started!"

Redbeard and his bumbling pirate crew of the ship "The Curry Bean" (named after their love of curry and beans) enter the tavern and overhear the Periwinkles talking about the map. After they leave, the family lock the map in the safe and Pearl tells the children of an island their father used to speak of (Lumbago, in the sea of Sciatica) as she sings 'Lumbago Lullaby'. As Pearl settles to sleep in the tavern, the pirates return in a comical midnight raid. Amazingly they succeed in blowing the safe, stealing the map and accidentally kidnapping a very cross Pearl.

Deadeye takes us to Old London Docks the next morning, where a worried Jack, Liza and Fiddlesticks are searching for the pirates that took their mum and their map. We meet the long suffering Captain Cod, the newly appointed (and completely incompetent) Admiral Horatio Hornhonker and their crazy crew of sailors. We also meet the hilarious oddjob men, Scuttle and Slack, whom Captain Cod manages to press gang into his crew. When Cod is attacked by a gang of rats, Jack and Liza offer him the services of Fiddlesticks in return for passage upon his ship. Cod calls his crew and passengers together ready to set sail on the good ship "The Crunchy Frog" and all sing 'Anchors Away!'

Aboard the Curry Bean, Redbeard is quite taken with Pearl and invites her to join his pirate crew, to which she agrees in exchange for safe return to her children in London. She and her children, though far apart, sing of their longing to see each other again in 'Underneath The Same Starry Sky'. Back onboard 'The Crunchy Frog', Hornhonker is sea sick, Cod is plagued by rats and Scuttle and Slack are causing mayhem. Cod licks his crew into shape and a fun mop dance follows. The next scene has the captains of both ships spotting each other through telescopes. After a comical sending and receiving of messages, the two ships meet and a dramatic slow motion battle follows. The pirates take over the Crunchy Frog, imprisoning Cod, Hornhonker and the reunited Periwinkle family. Redbeard invites everyone to join the pirate life and they sing 'Piratical Style'. Down in the hold, the prisoners are rescued by a well-meaning Scuttle and Slack, but in the attempt they accidentally pull out the plug from the bottom of the boat. With water pouring in, a sudden storm seals their fate as the ship is wrecked.

All wash ashore on the island of Lumbago, where each group in turn finds the treasure map but is chased by monkeys before they can search for the hidden loot. Finally, Scuttle and Slack dig up the chest before being chased by an enormous gorilla. The different groups eventually meet and are welcomed by the natives with the song 'Lumbago'. Chief Wonga appears and sentences the trespassers to death, but when Pearl attacks him with a wet fish he is brought to his senses. Wonga reveals that he is Pearl's missing husband, and the children learn that their father was once the legendary pirate Swaggersword. Scuttle and Slack enter with the chest and Jack and Liza help to unlock it. Redbeard attempts to steal the treasure but his crew turn against him, making the Periwinkles their new leaders. The new pirates agree to return Cod and crew back to England, and Redbeard is suitably punished in an unusual way. A reprise of 'Piratical Style' provides a joyful ending to the show.


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Speaking Roles by Number of Lines

N.B. In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character NameNumber of Lines
* Pearl Periwinkle103
* Captain Cod94
* Captain Redbeard79
Admiral Horatio Hornhonker63
Deadeye Dinghy61
* Jack Periwinkle55
* Liza Periwinkle50
Loopy Louie38
Stanley Periwinkle/Chief Wonga25
Mr Pratt17
Squawk the Parrot17
Lookout Lofty16
Mr Wally15
Cutthroat Clegg4
Tack/Seller 24
Tick/Seller 14
Toe/Seller 34
Fiddlesticks the Cat3

Alphabetical Order (with Line Count)

N.B. In the following list, the number shows how many spoken lines each role has. An asterisk (*) before the character's name indicates that this character ALSO has solo or featured sung lines.

Character NameNumber of Lines
Admiral Horatio Hornhonker63
* Captain Cod94
* Captain Redbeard79
Cutthroat Clegg4
Deadeye Dinghy61
Fiddlesticks the Cat3
* Jack Periwinkle55
* Liza Periwinkle50
Lookout Lofty16
Loopy Louie38
Mr Pratt17
Mr Wally15
* Pearl Periwinkle103
Squawk the Parrot17
Stanley Periwinkle/Chief Wonga25
Tack/Seller 24
Tick/Seller 14
Toe/Seller 34

Non-speaking roles: Reggie Rat / Macky Monkey, Rickie Rat / Minty Monkey, Robbie Rat / Matty Monkey, Rocky Rat / Mickey Monkey, Roddy Rat / Macy Monkey, Ronnie Rat / Monty Monkey.


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Customer Reviews

Fantastically funny

Fantastically funny show that all our pupils & parents simply adored!
Review by Claire Mackinder - Ranby C of E Primary, Nottingham


I think it is the funniest thing in the galaxy. I love it!
Review by Matilda Harris, St Peter's Methodist Primary School, Canterbury

Perfect show for end of year performance

The children could not stop laughing throughout the rehearsals. It is a perfect choice for older key stage 2 children.
We managed to perform it with only 22 cast members as it was easily adapted.
The songs are fun and easy to learn. It is very well written with excellent stage directions and ideas for props. Overall a huge success and the parents seemed to love it - "Best one in years!"
I would definitely reccomend this to all Primary (and younger Secondary) Schools.
Review by Jo Impey - Itchingfield Primary School, Horsham

Awesomely funny

I love this play especially that I will be doing it. Our rehearsals have been great. This is the best play ever performed by KS2.
Review by Aaron , Fredercick Bird Primary School, Coventry

It's So Much Fun

On this production you work your very own socks off but have a great day rehersing and making the props! This takes you from London to Lumbago (in the sea of Sciatica). In this play i played the pirate 'Broadside' and i really enjoyed it, and i hope i get to do this again!

Hope you like it

Review by Alice, St Mary's Langho RC Primary school, Blackburn

Great fun!

A great show full of fun and appalling puns! Lots of opportunities for visual humour and some really catchy music. I was anxious that the Nigerian audience wouldn't get the jokes, but I needn't have worried - they loved it!
Review by Tim Gardner, Lagos Prep School, Nigeria

Enormous fun and rave reviews from our audiences.

We loved doing 'Pirates'! We had a cast of 84, 3 to 11 year olds fully involved and most of them were girls, as our little boys are only in Kindergarten at the moment. The jokes were great and the soundtrack made the whole performance professional yet straightforward to do. A fabulous romp, greatly enjoyed by us all. Thank you!
Review by Ann Johnson, Roch House Prep School, Abbots Bromley, Staffs

Side splitting!

A great show enjoyed by all of the Year 3 and 4 performers as well as staff and parents.

The Children will remember this play for a long time.

The sound effects were great and added to the humour of the play. We saw a different side to our children. We have a few budding actors!

Thank you!

Review by St Thomas More Redditch

Best school performance I've been to - never stopped laughing !

Our daughter played Redbeard last night in her school's Year 6 leavers performance and the show was fantastic ! Laughs aplenty from start to finish and abundent scope for hilarious casting - we particularly liked the wimpy, posh Admiral and of course Redbeard ! A fabulous show enjoyed by both the cast and parents !
Review by Mrs Evans, Fulfen Primary, Burntwood Staffs

Superb spectacle of a show

This show was perfectly pitched for upper junior children, with enough cameo roles for a large Year 6 cohort all to have their 5 minutes of fame. The script was hilarious and gave the children real confidence that what they were performing was truly entertaining. We will definitely be purchasing more Craig Hawes productions; they're worth their weight in gold! The songs were written in children's voice ranges and were easy to learn, making the production far less arduous and far more enjoyable than it usually is! We have had nothing but praise from audience members. A fantastic play; I thoroughly recommend it.
Review by Wooden Hill Primary School

Thoroughly entertaining

A perfect end to the primary phase ! My Year 6 class, colleagues, whole school and parents loved the whole hilarious show. I doubt I will ever be able to top this performance. Thank You!
Review by Mary Edwards St Philip's CE Primary School, Litherland

Fabulous script, super fun with great music!

We just finished our summer workshop with "Pirates of the Curry Bean". Every kid had a ball and just loved doing the show! The audience had as much fun as the kids and couldn't stop laughing. Everyone loved the music and dances...just a superlative show in every way with a great story line too!
Review by Charlotte, Players Kids OnStage

Simply the best!!

We have just performed this concert with our Key Stage 2 classes. Year 6 took the leading roles. All of the children enjoyed it. The songs are catchy and easy to learn. The script is hilarious and our children really rose to the challenge of mastering "comic timing". The parents absolutely loved it . They laughed from beginning to end and many have said it is the best Christmas show that we have ever produced! Praise indeed...I highly recommend this play.
Review by Ladybrook Primary School, Bramhall, Stockport

Really Funny Play

I played Liza in the play for the year 6 leavers gala. It was really fun dressing up as a pirate and we made lots of people laugh! We had a whole lesson where we made the Lumbago maps, they looked great! Overall I think it was the best leavers gala the school had done and like I said it made people laugh A LOT.
Review by Pupil - Brockhampton

A real winner,in 22 years of directing plays, you can rely on Pirates to deliver, whatever your audience

Thank you for a really entertaining play. It went down really well with a cross section of parents. It was so adaptable in terms of the range of pupils that could take part and sets and costumes were really easy. I directed 90 children with the support of 3 great class teachers and it was the easiest play I have instigated in 22 yaers. Will there be a Pirates 2?
Review by Bryn Deva School, Connah`s Quay

Really funny

We're doing it at my school. It is really funny. I'm only 8 years old. I'm the narrator; Deadeye Dinghy.
Review by Bromley Hills Primary School, Kingswinford. - Ellis Walters


This is the most amazing play ever. I am playing Liza Periwinkle and the lines are so easy to learn. Our Primary 7 year consists of 3 classes and has about 80 children. We expanded our cast so people who wanted a speaking part could get one.

One of the best shows ever done by our leavers!
Review by Rida A, Castlehill Primary School

Excellent Value and a 1st Class show!

We have been rehearsals for once a week since the middle of January and we performed the 'Pirates of the Curry Bean' last night at a local theatre. Our students who performed this production were aged between 5 to 13 years old and this script suited them perfectly. It was great fun to rehearse, easy to stage and costume and all the sound effects and music were taken care of. So simple!
The audience loved it! Lots of laughter throughout (and a few groans!) Will certainly be ordering a Musicline script again. Well Done to Craig and Musicline for writing and offering this service.
Review by Becky Jenkins - Dante Academy of Performing Arts

The best production ever at CIS.

The audience and all the actors had loads of fun. After practicing so much it has come out wonderfully. It has been really fun to go to practices.
Awesome !!!!!!!!!
Review by Sushane Perera


I haven't performed it yet but it looks amazing and i would love to be Pearl or Liza!

LOVE Pirates!
Review by Hartford Junior School - Year 6 pupil

Great fun!

My year and year 5 are doing this play at the moment, and it's great fun! I have so far loved watching rehearsals, and here are some examples of the characters: Chloe being an angry main character, lauren wearing a pink beard, Lucy being Loopy, Liam being a cat, Alex being a mummy's admiral, (no offense to Izzy,) Izzy being a COD, and me being a native! Love this play, much better than last years...Ye Ha... Alestar's awful American accent still haunts my nightmares...
Review by Rheia from Knightwood Primary School, Year 6

P7 Show , It was Brill!!!

I played the part of Deadeye Dinghy for our P7 show. It was a brilliant and funny script and all the hard work paid off when we did 4 successful shows. I would reccommend this show to other schools.
Review by Rachael Grubb, Mill O' Forest Primary School, Stonehaven

A Brilliant, Funny Play, Full Of Laughter

This play is extremely funny. I love Shuttle and Slack they are brilliant.
We have started rehearsels and its been such a laugh.
I'm playing Liza, Pearls daughter, and her part is great.
I'm glad the teachers chose this for our end of year play!
Review by Rebecca, Aged 11


It's so fun and bouncy, it even got the audience up on their feet!
I played Liza Periwinkle in this play and I totally enjoyed it!
It contains awfully funny jokes, easy to get. Also there are easy lines to learn and fast fun songs!
Review by Natalie - Cast Member

What a brilliantly funny show.

I would highly recommend this show. I did this show with my Performing Arts Club ages 7-11 with two 7 year olds taking the leads.
Lots of lines and they still pulled it off. Great Show.
Review by Paula Macclesfield


Fabulous show, very funny, best show I've ever produced.
The children loved it.
Review by British School of Lanzarote

What a fantastic find!

We have just performed The Pirates of The Curry Bean this week and I must say that this has been the best script I have come across; it's hillarious, clever, the music is brilliant, and most importantly, it's easy for the children to perform and follow. It also kept the parents and staff very entertained! I don't know how we are going to top this play next year!

I would highly recommend this play to any other schools - the children never get sick of the rehearsals... in fact, they beg to constantly rehearse!

Miss Prior
Year 5 Class Teacher
Review by Miss Prior - Souls' RC Primary School

Pirates of the funny bone!

Many people said this may have been our best year 6 play ever.
It has silly jokes for the kids, plenty from the 'old jokes home' for the adults, and it's pirates which is good for everyone.
One of the funniest things I've ever been involved with at school, you have to do this play.
Review by Stephen Adam

A memorable summer camp

Our teachers and children really enjoyed this clever Craig Hawes musical.
With cheesy gags, (but some for mums and dads), catchy songs which were challenging yet not over ambitious in an intensive but short rehearsal period.
A very funny children's musical and Pirates seem to bring out the best in the audience!
They could not beleive the standard after a week.
While that's down to wonderful young performers and directors, you are only as good as the material and Musicline deliver again here.
Review by John Lucey, Stagecoach, Galway and Clare

Fantastically funny!!!! Brilliantly hillarious!!

Everyone just absolutely loved it!! I had to play Captain Redbeard and everyone laughed at my bright pink beard and my hilarious sidekick Squawk!
The script was hard to learn but it was definitely worth it. My fave character had to be mummy's be Hornhonker!
I don't know what play could top this. It kept the whole audience right on the edge of their seats!!
One of the best year 6 plays ever!!!
Review by Aisha Amjad, Ward End Primary School, Birmingham

Pot of Gold!!!

I loved doing this show last year and play 'Bunghole' the pirate!
We are doing Splash this year and I hope to get a main part!
I would highly recomend this as it's hilarious and very easy to understand!
If you are thinking of doing this show trust me 'DO IT' it's amazing!
Review by St Johns, Alloa

Fantastic Show!

I would like to say that the ease of obtaining material over the internet was fantastic. The backing music was great and made rehearsals the same then as the students used in the actual show. The show itself was really enjoyed by students and parents alike. All the songs were great and I never grew tired of hearing any of them and loved them from the first listening of them. Had lots of scope as we had students from Prep to Year 6 in it. Looking forward to using another of your musicals for our next production!
Thanks and keep up the great work
Review by Marilyn Cameron, Director of Music, Cornish College, Victoria, Australia

Fantastic! Our kids had so much fun doing this show.

Our kids loved performing this show. Funny jokes and good songs. Although, our kids didn't always get the jokes, but when explained to them they just couldn't stop laughing, they loved them.
We used photo's on two screens to set the scenes and only had a table, chair, barrel and wheelbarrow on stage, which worked really well.
Fantastic show, well worth getting, everyone will have so much fun rehearsing it and the audiance will love it.
Review by Jamie, St. Pillips Church, Joppa, Edinburgh

Cheadle Hulme School

I have just finished directing this show for a group of 54 children aged 10-11 years. They all loved it. The most important thing was that it was very well written and we did it as a one act so it ran for 1 hour.
The CD is great for rehearsals and the sound effects are brilliant. We actually had live music for the songs but it would work either way. Also Pearl was played as a dame ( panto style)
More please.
Review by Rani Chakrabarti


We LOVED this show! It is extremely funny. Our parents thought it was the funniest school production they've ever seen and the children really enjoyed rehearsing and performing. There was a great variety of parts - something for everyone - big parts and one liners and everything in between!
The songs are really catchy and incredibly easy to learn.
This was the best school play I've ever been involved in in my 9 years of teaching!
Review by Louise Edwards, Cradle Hill Community Primary School, Seaford

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Pot Of Gold

Lumbago Lullaby

Anchors Away

Beneath The Same Starry Sky

Piratical Style


Piratical Style Reprise

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