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  1. An uplifting, comedic version of a dark tale - ideal for large casts! Review by Ryan Lowe, Tobermory High School, Isle of Mull
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    This is now the third year I have staged a Musicline production, and was once again very impressed with the quality of the service. Items are dispatched quickly and materials are well written with notes to support the production.
    We used 40 pupils to bring this production to life - and each one was as equally important. The script is well written and abound with humour and wit, the songs are lyrical and music varied. We used the backing track and found this to more than meet our needs.
    The Rat Pack went down very well with our audiences, and there is plenty of scope for some clever costuming to reflect the personalities of the different rats e.g. bimbo rat and hippie rat. You can play to the strengths of the cast with opportunities to include dancers, singers, circus acts (or teachers) in the Ballroom scene.
    There is something for everyone in "The Pied Piper" and it's well worth consdieration as a top school musical! (Posted on 01/07/2012)

  2. Highly entertaining. Review by Miller South School - Ohio - USA.
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    A highly entertaining show, with lots of parts to suit our age group, from littlest rats to romantic leads. The music was easy to sing. The Ladies Guild was a huge hit with our audience. (Posted on 11/04/2008)

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