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Customer Reviews

  1. Very Good Review by Sandy James - Gillespies Primary School - Edinburgh
    Star Rating

    I think Olivia the musical is brilliant and the songs are very good. (Posted on 29/01/2014)

  2. Amazing production for our Summer Workshop! Review by Julia Walton - Theatre4Kids, Surrey
    Star Rating

    We used 'Olivia' for our Summer Workshop and it was brilliant!
    The script and songs were perfectly pitched for our students and they managed to learn and perform the entire show in just one week!
    They loved all of the characters and we had fun identifying all of the references to other musicals.
    I would thoroughly recommend this production to other schools or drama groups looking for a great show to impress parents and enthuse children. (Posted on 25/08/2013)

  3. Great Fun Review by Creative Drama Holiday Camp, London
    Star Rating

    Olivia is very fun to produce. We only have a week to learn it but it's great fun! Can't wait till the show!
    Eliza Doolittle must have a good singing voice and be good at dancing.
    All the flower sellers should be good at cockney accents (except Annie!). (Posted on 15/08/2013)

  4. BRILLIANT! Review by Omala Snyder, Sarum Hall School, London
    Star Rating

    Olivia! is such a great play with some fantastic songs and dances. My part is Queenie, one of the Flower Sellers.
    There are some fantastic parts too. It is really fun doing a cockney accent and I am really good at it!
    Can't wait for the opening night which is tomorrow.. (Posted on 07/07/2013)

  5. OUTSTANDING Review by Year 6 pupil
    Star Rating

    This play is amazing. The songs are brilliant, the script is wonderful, and i couldn't think of a better show. (Posted on 25/06/2013)

  6. The best play EVER!!!!!!! Review by A pupil
    Star Rating

    My school are soon doing the play Olivia and i'm Doris (one of the flowersellers) and its so fun to act the songs are so good and i LOVE all the characters that are in different films. (Posted on 25/06/2013)

  7. A great show! Review by Chris Anderson
    Star Rating

    Olivia was a fantastic play!
    I found it great how some of the songs from the play had very similar tunes to those in Oliver.
    It was a show never to forget!! (Posted on 07/08/2012)

  8. A fantastic production! Review by A . Lewis
    Star Rating

    The play was one of the best I have ever seen!
    All the children loved it and I will definetly be choosing
    Musicline again for next years christmas performance. (Posted on 07/08/2012)

  9. Excellent Review by Bailey Parrington,George Romney Junior School,Dalton-In-Furness
    Star Rating

    I am staring as The Artful Dodger In Olivia can't wait to perform. (Posted on 08/07/2012)

  10. Absoloutly brilliant. Review by Lara - Bishopsteignton Primary - Bishopsteignton
    Star Rating

    I am staring as Mrs Murdstone in Olivia at our school, and i really enjoy playing my part.
    We only have two more days and then the next is our real performance.
    I'm so excited. (Posted on 28/06/2012)

  11. Brilliant Review by Hannah, Salisbury Road Primary School, Plymouth
    Star Rating

    I play Queenie in Olivia and our Olivia character is split into 2 parts so two girls play her.
    I've really enjoyed this play so far and love listening to the songs on this website over and over again.
    The cockney accent is surprisingly hard to do.
    My friend who's playing Eliza is really good at the accent though and she loves her solo and is a
    really good singer so she's perfect for the part.
    I cant wait till our first performance.
    I bet i'll get a lot of laughs out of all my jokes about my husband (my old man). (Posted on 23/06/2012)

  12. Love it Review by Chase Lane Primary School Chingford
    Star Rating

    I think the songs are marvellous. I love it. (Posted on 22/06/2012)

  13. Fab Review by Arianne - Pupil
    Star Rating

    This play is amazing! I am doing it at the moment and I'm Annie! (Posted on 20/06/2012)

  14. CREATIVE Review by Yasmin Egerton Primary School
    Star Rating

    The great show " OLIVIA" is a more creative version of "OLIVER"!!!
    Our class are doing "OLIVIA" for our class play, and we are loving every second of it.
    It is so lively!!!! Why not look up some clips of it on youtube to find out more?
    My part is Queenie. Everybody can join in if they want to!!!
    All our class has a part, even if it is singing or acting. (Posted on 07/06/2012)

  15. Fantastic ! Review by Harshiran, Wheelwright Lane Primary School, Coventry
    Star Rating

    Our class is going to put this musical on at the end of the year for our leavers performance and already the class is buzzing with excitement.
    I'm playing Mrs Dilber, she has a really good role. Can't Wait to perform it!!! (Posted on 01/06/2012)

  16. AMAZING! Review by Kayleigh, Newport Primary School
    Star Rating

    It is amazing! I'm so happy that we are doing this play at our school. I'm playing Eliza Doolittle. I'm getting better at the cockney accent. Hey! I'm a bit nervous though, so wish me luck. (Posted on 26/02/2012)

  17. Absolutely Fantastic Review by Doug Davidson, St Matthew's Collegiate School, New Zealand
    Star Rating

    This was the show of all shows to put on at our school. We are an all girls school so this was very easy to cast. We played to full houses with rave reviews. This show was so much fun and the students had a ball. Our parents have raved about it ever snce we did it in 2011. I would recommend this show for any school looking for a great show. (Posted on 31/01/2012)

  18. Fantastic performance Review by Sara Ridgway
    Star Rating

    This script looked quite tricky with a few very big roles needing confident singers however the children pulled it off.
    We did it across the school and the orphan parts were perfect for key stage 1.
    Parents loved it and the children are still singing the songs now. (Posted on 24/08/2011)

  19. Great for girl heavy class with talent! Review by Linda F, All Saints Cof E N20, Whetstone, London
    Star Rating

    This show went down an absolute storm. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their involvement whether small or large and put everything into it. We happened to have quite a lot of talented kids in year 6 so it was great that there were so many parts that felt like "leads". (also lucky enough to have a boy that had been in Gilbert and Sullivan shows before.) Able to use year 5 much more than usual as Fagin's gang, opera goers and orphans so everyone felt important - GREAT STUFF!! (Works great with a boy as the Fat Lady!!!) (Posted on 14/07/2011)

  20. Amazing Review by Molly Davies, Rockwell Green Primary School, Wellington
    Star Rating

    i loved this play. Best play I have ever done. It is AMAZING. Thank you for making up this play x (Posted on 20/06/2011)

  21. Pure Genius Review by John Lucey, Stagecoach Galway, Ireland
    Star Rating

    We were talking the other day as teachers on how wonderful this show was last year. It's when you really examine children's musicals you see how clever Malcolm Sircom was. He had the talent to manipulate the audience and cast with wonderful pastiche songs, scenes and influences of Lionel Bart, Dickens and other characters who should not be here...but absolutely should..pure genius! The parents at Stagecoach Galway were truly bowled over by what their children did in this show so it's highly recommended. (Posted on 12/06/2011)

  22. Fantastic!!!!! Review by Abbie Fulbourn Primary School
    Star Rating

    What a play!!!! The songs are great. I love Eliza !!!! Everyone is looking forward to it !!!!!! The characters are great !!!!! Inlcuding the lamplighter!!!! What a performance !!!! A must see production!!!!! (Posted on 16/05/2011)

  23. Brilliant! Review by Hannah, Croydon
    Star Rating

    We have just started rehearsing this play and I absolutely LOVE it. I am really enjoying this and love my solo. I am Eliza and Mrs Dilber, so I have to speak with a cockney accent, which is challenging! (Posted on 04/05/2011)

  24. Olivia Review by Stagecoach Galway
    Star Rating

    This was a memorable, funny and intelligent musical for children and teenagers which was superbly received by parents. Malcolm Sircom was an exceptional craftsman of musical theatre and we have loved doing two of his shows. Thank you Musicline for the brilliant memories. (Posted on 01/02/2011)

  25. Just the best! Review by Primary Student Australia
    Star Rating

    I've been in quite a few musicals at school but this one was just the best! We had a lot of fun preparing, the scenery was just great, the songs were fun and moving and the script was funny and light. Everyone had a great time doing it, and the show was amazing! Great great great! (Posted on 08/09/2010)

  26. Excellent! Review by Grandmother of a pupil at Enmore Primary School Bridgwater Somerset
    Star Rating

    I have seen many school plays both as a mother and grandmother and this was by far the best of the lot! Enjoyable from beginning to end - tuneful and amusing and brilliantly written. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and the audience loved it. Some of us saw it three times! Super Super Super!! (Posted on 17/07/2010)

  27. Absolutely brilliant Review by Parent - Enmore Primary School - Somerset
    Star Rating

    This was a wonderful show - it was the best show I have ever seen schoolchildren perform. So cleverly written - so tuneful - an evening ro remember. (Posted on 15/07/2010)

  28. Amazing! Review by Stenton Primary School, Dunbar
    Star Rating

    Our pupil council chose this show to perform last summer. The whole school took part, from the 5 year olds to our 12 year olds who were leaving to go to secondary school. Even though we do a musical every year, this one really challenged them - but every one of them rose to the challenge and performed brilliantly! As the teacher in charge, I loved the music - it's so nice to do a schools musical that sounds like a 'real' musical!
    I'll be buying from this site again, definitely! (Posted on 17/01/2010)

  29. Absolutely spectacular Review by Katie Cambridge Primary school Barrow-in-Furness
    Star Rating

    I LOVE practicing Olivia! Our dress rehersal is 2morrow and I'm really exited. I'm playing Eliza doolittle and my best friend paige is playing Olivia and my other best friend, Caitlin is playing Mrs hudson. I also found it really hard 2 do the cockney accent though, I think my character is the hardest role 2 play. (Posted on 10/12/2009)

  30. Brillant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Caitlin Cambridge Primary School Barrow
    Star Rating

    It was snazzy year 5 and 6 did it it was fun I was Mrs Hudson!!!!! (Posted on 10/12/2009)

  31. IT WAS REALLY FUN Review by Olivia age 10
    Star Rating

    I loved singing my song, the best play I've done ever at my school! Im glad they picked it !!!! (Posted on 04/12/2009)

  32. THE BEST EvER Review by Knaphill Jouiner school
    Star Rating

    I loved being ANNIE (Posted on 04/12/2009)

  33. Fabulous Review by saline primary dunfermline
    Star Rating

    We preformed it to most of the village and we and the audience loved it (Posted on 30/11/2009)

  34. A truly superb production - our best yet!! Review by ALISON HANSON ST. FAITH'S C of E PRIMARY, WINCHESTER
    Star Rating

    A play that shows off acting, dancing and singing talents. Lots of solo oportunities and perfect for a girl heavy cast. Went down a storm with cast and audience. (Posted on 15/11/2009)

  35. fantastic Review by fiona armadale primary
    Star Rating

    me and my upper part of the school did a production of this and it was brilliant.This was one of my biggest parts i have in my life. Hopefully we'll do the show again and i'll get a even bigger part. you just never know (Posted on 09/10/2009)

  36. A fantastic show with high quality music. Review by Sue (Youth Theatre tutor and director)
    Star Rating

    What a fantastic show with high quality music and lots for all the children to do. The best musical I have ever directed. (Posted on 25/03/2009)

  37. An outstanding production. Review by Oak Hill School - Stoke On Trent.
    Star Rating

    An outstanding production - one to show off the talents of your young people. The girl who plays Eliza should have a particularly good voice. (Posted on 09/04/2008)

  38. Amazing! Review by Junior S.O.D.S. - Southampton.
    Star Rating

    We performed this show with a cast of 40 children aged between 6 and 12 three weeks ago. Cast and audiences loved it! We cast adults in the roles of Mrs M, Mrs D and the Fat Lady but the children did the rest and were amazing! (Posted on 09/04/2008)

  39. BRILLIANT! Review by A year 9 pupil.
    Star Rating

    BRILLIANT! Everyone in my year group enjoyed it sooooo much! I love the way Malcolm Sircom has taken characters from different plays like Scrooge and George Bernard Shaw. i also love the way the characters are linked like Annie and Olivia. (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  40. A pleasure to put on... Review by Jodie Horne - Cardinal Newman School, Luton.
    Star Rating

    This brilliant play was a pleasure to put on. It was fun and all the kids loved it. I advise all schools to choose this play! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  41. WOW!!!!! Review by Tunbury Primary School - Chatham, Kent
    Star Rating

    We are doing this play in school and the music and songs are really good to learn and basically it's the girl version of Oliver! WOW!!!! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  42. Best play I've done!! Review by Amy age 11.
    Star Rating

    I never had a big part in this play. But this is the best play I've done! I was one of the Flower Sellers-Flo. And I enjoyed it very much! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  43. Olivia is a brilliant play. Review by Year 8 pupil
    Star Rating

    Olivia is a brilliant play. Our school was the first to perform it; Woods Foundation School in Nottingham, England. I think that even though the main character is Olivia, Elizza Doolittle was the hardest part! Brilliant. (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  44. Such excellent shows!! Review by One pupil and her class who certainly enjoyed Olivia.
    Star Rating

    Last year, me and my classmates performed in "Olivia!" and nearly all of us thought it was the best play we had ever been in. I played the part of Olivia and want to say a big thanks to Malcolm Sircom for providing my school with such excellent shows!! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  45. I highly recommend this play! Review by Holly - Music Co-Ordinator.
    Star Rating

    Olivia is a fabulous play. We performed this play and all in all it turned out great, including famous characters from Scrooge to Fagin and Dodger. The songs sound brilliant and with a choir they sound even better! I highly recommend this play! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  46. Fantastic piece... Review by James Allens Prep School - London.
    Star Rating

    Last week we performed Olivia for two nights and not only was the audience reaction,to put it mildly, gobsmacked but the girls had a brilliant time both rehearsing and performing this fantastic piece.Thanks for such a great show with which to work. (Posted on 08/04/2008)

  47. Can't wait for the performances! Review by GEOFF ELLIS, WOODS FOUNDATION SCHOOL, WOODBOROUGH.
    Star Rating

    Rehearsals have only just started for this latest offering from Malcolm Sircom, but Olivia looks like being one of his best yet. Lots of great and varied tunes with clever lyrics and a wonderful script. Can't wait for the performances! (Posted on 08/04/2008)

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