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  1. WOW Review by Brook Community Primary School, Hackney
    Star Rating

    I LOVED IT. Well done to the cast. I loved every single part of it .
    (Posted on 05/08/2013)

  2. Amazing Olivia! Review by Sude-Brook Community Primary School
    Star Rating

    That....was.....AMAZING!!! (Posted on 20/05/2013)

  3. The Best Ever! Review by Isabella, Merryhills Primary School
    Star Rating

    I played Eliza in this, and I had so much fun. Brilliant songs, everyone enjoyed it! I was a huge success! So many laughs! (Posted on 03/01/2013)

  4. Superb Review by Annoynmous
    Star Rating

    I remember doing this play when I was in year 6! It was amazing! I was the fat lady, which was incredibly enjoyable and I got a lot of laughs for it! (Posted on 16/12/2012)

  5. EPIC Review by Fleur A.K.A Eliza Doolittle, Batheaston Primary School, Bath
    Star Rating

    I'm in year 6 and we have just got our script!!! I'm so Excited about performing this play as it is very funny and entertaining! (Posted on 24/11/2012)

  6. Fab Review by Alizah Manchester High School For Girls
    Star Rating

    This show was a huge success. We did it for the end of Year 6 production and everyone loved it. So many people said that it was the best play at MHSG Year 6. It was really fun getting make up done, sorting out costumes etc. it was so much fun performing and was the best play I have ever done. (Posted on 03/09/2012)

  7. awesome Review by Annoynmous
    Star Rating

    This was a great play and I was in this play as my old school performed it and it was fab. (Posted on 03/09/2012)

  8. Wow! Review by Chase Lane Primary School - Bethan
    Star Rating

    We are doing this play in 2 weeks and all of the cast are really enjoying this. I'm playing the part of Eliza Doolitle. i love doing the cockney accent and the songs.
    I also love Queenies lines they are sooo funny. My fave one is where she says "i give him a hand with me rolling pin!" true genius. (Posted on 04/07/2012)

  9. The best musical ever! Review by Heygarth Primary School, Eastham, Wirral
    Star Rating

    it was the best musical ever because we all loved it. 300 students and 200 parents watched it as the end of year play by year 6. (Posted on 22/01/2012)

  10. Absolutely Brilliant Review by JEMS Musical Produtions
    Star Rating

    After sitting on the script of this production for a while I decided to go ahead and do it.
    Auditions were dissappointing, so i hand picked the cast. And boy did i do the right thing. From start to finish it was so positive.
    It was an absolute success, from our point of view and the audiences.
    It was such a shame to finish the run.
    Great from start to finish. Can't rate it highly enough!! (Posted on 24/07/2011)

  11. Funny fab script suitable for all abilities Review by Giz Giz Youth Theatre project (Aberdeen)
    Star Rating

    Our young cast had great fun rehearsing for this show and the funny script kept us adults amused throughout... a great refreshing change to perform something new and fresh !!! lots of surprise appearances along the way.... (Posted on 23/07/2011)

  12. Fantastic show - easy to stage, funny with a catchy musical score! Review by Ryan Lowe, Tobermory High School, Isle of Mull
    Star Rating

    This is now the second year I have produced Olivia! with pupils aged between 10-18. On both occasions the show was well received by the audience. The script is adaptable to individual circumstances and it is possible to have cast members playing multiple parts. The script is abound with humour, wit and backed up with lyrical and catchy musical numbers. The audience enjoy the references to well-known characters and are engaged fully from beginning to end. Highly recommended! (Posted on 25/06/2011)

  13. Fun, no matter who you are Review by Georgia Luckhurst, King's School Rochester
    Star Rating

    I'm doing this play at my school - I'm Eliza - and I love it! The flower sellers are guaranteed to make people laugh, and the orphanage scenes in the first half are very Victorian! (Posted on 26/09/2010)

  14. Fantastic musical show for wide age range and ability Review by Janet Philbrook- Director Stage Door Youth Theatre - Colne - Lancs
    Star Rating

    I chose this show as we have a wide age and ability range of young people.. what a choice! It's a great vehicle for the experienced and more inexperienced alike. Great catchy songs that everyone found easy to learn and audiences loved. A very clever, witty script that our older ones thoroughly enjoyed having fun with. All our young people had a fantastic rehearsal period and show week with lots of tears when it ended from both cast and audience! Easy to stage and costume using very little scenery and props... so cheap too!
    VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Posted on 01/06/2010)

  15. Fantastic Family Fun. Review by Roy Peach - Lime Walk Players, Oxford
    Star Rating

    Performed in this show as part of the Lime Walk Players a few months back. It has a great script, so easy to remember, catchy songs that you will be singing even when the show's over, and needs very little in the way of staging, props, lighting, etc.
    The audiences were fantastic and on a couple of the evenings, the laughter seemed to be constant. Hardly a chance for them to catch breath between lines.
    I was proud to be part of this show (as Artful Dodger) and can't wait to see what the Players decide to do for the next show. I'm told it's likely to be by Malcom Sircom again. If so, I can't wait. It's bound to be brilliant!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! (Posted on 23/06/2009)

  16. WE LOVE MALCOLM SIRCOM'S MUSICALS!! Review by Adrian Marple - Stoke College - Stoke on Trent.
    Star Rating

    We've now done "Ebenezer" "Rocky Horror Show" "Olivia" and NEXT....WE LOVE MALCOLM SIRCOM'S MUSICALS!
    "Dracula Rock Show!" (Posted on 21/05/2009)

  17. Funny and very enjoyable! Review by Shelly - Cast Member - Our Lady of Mercy, Dublin, Ireland.
    Star Rating

    My class are doing it and we love it! It is funny, musical, smart and very enjoyable! I am playing The Artful Dodger and I love my lines! My school is an all girls' school and we have great girls playing boys. Whoever reads this and is a teacher pick this play! There are really funny characters in this play.
    Anyway you should get this play for 11-14 year olds. Thanks for reading! (Posted on 17/04/2009)

  18. My Year 6 loved it! Review by Amanda Whiteley - Key Stage 2 Teacher - CSG Junior School.
    Star Rating

    This was a fantastic show, with a great script and excellent songs. My Year 6 loved it!
    (Posted on 12/04/2008)

  19. Great musical. Review by Lucy - Cast Member.
    Star Rating

    This is a great musical; the songs are great and so is the script. (Posted on 12/04/2008)

  20. Better than "Joseph." Review by Georgian Theatre Royal - Richmond - North Yorkshire.
    Star Rating

    Fantastic for cast and audience. The best show I've directed; better than "Joseph". (Posted on 12/04/2008)

  21. Fantastic! Review by Colin Quinton - Performing Arts Director.
    Star Rating

    Fantastic! Easy to put on with 30 year 7-10 pupils, costumes easy to assemble, dances easy to create - thoroughly enjoyed by all performers and excellent feedback from audience! (Posted on 12/04/2008)

  22. Olivia is an absolutely fantastic show in every way. Review by Woods Foundation School - Nottingham.
    Star Rating

    Olivia is an absolutely fantastic show in every way. The music is top drawer stuff (challenging and melodic with carefully constructed lyrics) whilst the script is funny with plenty of opportunities for creative direction. Well done Malcolm. (Posted on 12/04/2008)

  23. A great take on a classic story. Review by Liz Brogno - Proud Mum.
    Star Rating

    Our school has just completed this concert and it was terrific. My daughter played Queenie and her lines got the most laughs - a great take on a classic story. (Posted on 12/04/2008)

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