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  1. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by Stoke Fleming Primary School, Stoke Fleming
    Star Rating

    This play was epic. It deserves 500000 Stars. All my friends AND ME enjoyed putting on this play.
    Cause I'm a mud flinging, gun slinging, hip swinging, song singing WILD WEST HERO NOW- Ye-Ha! (Posted on 18/07/2013)

  2. Awesome Review by Balksbury Junior School, Andover
    Star Rating

    The play was awesome. All the characters were really funny and all the jokes were hilarious . I really enjoyed being Cheif Walking Weasel. I got all the best jokes and only the parents and adults understood them. But overall the play was great. (Posted on 10/11/2012)

  3. EPIC! Review by Sam H HSS QLD
    Star Rating

    This is by far the best musical I have ever preformed in. It is so funny and also great fun to preform.
    The best song was The Stenson Stomp and overall just cannot put my positive feelings into words. (Posted on 12/07/2012)

  4. This Play Is Really Good Review by Jessica Parker - Cast Member
    Star Rating

    Me and my friends enjoyed doing the Stetson Stomp dance and my school loved it.
    I loved watching it. We liked acting it out.
    Keep It Up!
    (P) (Posted on 22/06/2012)

  5. ABSOULUTLEY AMAZING!! Review by Nicole, St bridgets School, West Kirby
    Star Rating

    Me and my clas did Ye-Ha, and it was probably one of the BEST experinces of my life, thank you.
    (Posted on 24/06/2011)

  6. Brilliant! Review by Lincoln Birchwood Junior School
    Star Rating

    Best year 6 performance i have ever seen.
    (Posted on 21/06/2011)

  7. So much fun and enjoyable scenes Review by Lilah, aged 10, Saltdean Primary School, Brighton.
    Star Rating

    Me and my classmates haven't performed the final play yet, but we are rehearsing and it's getting so close to showtime.
    Brilliant scenes, fun to rehearse, great catchy songs, fun costumes, side-slitting script- why, this play has it all!

    I really recommend this play because it is enjoyable for children, the audience, and also the teachers that help us to make the play happen!

    (Posted on 12/06/2011)

  8. FANTASTIC! Review by Sandy Stone from California
    Star Rating

    We did Ye-Ha! in 2009 and it was FANTASTIC. This year's cast is SO excited to do it again!! GREAT PLAY!! (Posted on 25/03/2011)

  9. Brilliant Review by ye-ha is the best
    Star Rating

    I love ye ha it is very very good (Posted on 09/03/2011)

  10. Out of 5 * i rate it 10!!!!! Review by Ellen, Good Shepherd Primary
    Star Rating

    Ye-ha is a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!! I played Ellie and it was so much fun. It's a great show to do, I could do it every day!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********** for YE-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 13/01/2011)

  11. Great Characters.... Fantastic music Review by Rising Starz Performing Arts Trust, Whangarei. Northland
    Star Rating

    Ye-Ha was such a hoot.... we had a blast with cream pies and silly string. The set designers had so much fun with the fordoor salon and Slodge city... The cast (3-10 years) loved the music and The Stepson Stomp is now our official song and dance of the Drama School. We have a whole new generation of Country and Western fans.

    We even had to have a Hoe-down for them to get into character... The Kids loved it! (Posted on 26/11/2010)

  12. Best show we ever did! Review by Stagecoach Highgate
    Star Rating

    Great and funny script leading to a very enjoyable production. There are lots of diferent parts to play from saloon girls, cowboys, indians to villagers.

    I must say with hand on heart it was the best thing we have ever done in our school and it was enjoyed by all, parents and children.

    I thoughly recommend this show to any school!

    (Posted on 11/11/2010)

  13. Hysterically funny with catchy songs Review by Corrine Wellby - Upper Beeding Primary School - West Sussex
    Star Rating

    One of the best shows we have ever done. The show really captured the Wild West and was enjoyed by boys and girls alike. The parents roared with laughter. Inspired writing from Craig - thank you. (Posted on 15/07/2010)

  14. An unforgettable experience for all of us! Review by Jenny Carlyle - Pulham Primary School
    Star Rating

    Year 5 and 6 performed Ye-ha at the end of this academic year and it was brilliant. The script is witty and intelligent, appealing to the adults and children alike. The music is toe-tappingly good and very easily learnt - producing some of the best singing the year groups have ever achieved. All in all a hugely positive experience for all of us. (Posted on 15/07/2010)

  15. Great one to get the boys inspired Review by Bishop Rawle Primary, Cheadle
    Star Rating

    KS2 performed this for their end of year show and it went down a storm. We had great fun in learning to line dance for the finale, and the puns and one liners were appreciated by the audience. Our more reluctant children were keen to join in. (Posted on 12/01/2010)

  16. The best play ever Review by Marcel Student BPPS
    Star Rating

    Great play it has been better then all the other ones
    PS The Outlaws rock!!!!
    PSS I'm an outlaw! (Posted on 26/07/2009)

  17. A fantastic end to the year! Review by Hill Top Primary School, Leeds
    Star Rating

    Our production of Ye-Ha! was great. The costumes were easy to provide and the script and songs were excellent. We love Craig's jokes. (Posted on 09/07/2009)

  18. My class really enjoyed acting this play. Brilliant! Review by Class Teacher - St. Andrews School.
    Star Rating

    As director of the JUNIOR PRODUCTION OF 'YE-HA' I could see that my class really enjoyed acting this play. Brilliant! (Posted on 15/06/2009)

  19. All my mates in Year 5 enjoy the play. Review by Sage - Cast Member - Fynamore Primary School - Calne.
    Star Rating

    "Ye Ha" is a great play to do in Year 5. We have been practising and we are getting very good at the songs because they are easy to learn. We are going to start the drama soon. It is going to be the best school production I've ever been in.

    (Posted on 04/06/2009)

  20. All of my class are enjoying it so much. Review by Liv - Cast Member.
    Star Rating

    "Ye-ha" is the best play that I have ever done with my school. All of my class are enjoying it so much. We have only been practising for a short while but are really getting the hang of it! It's really good how mostly every part has something to say. "Yeha" is great fun. I think it is helping some people getting rid of stage fright because all your friends are there with you!!!!!!!!!! (Posted on 31/05/2009)

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