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Customer Reviews

  1. What A Performance Review by Loreto Convent School, Gibraltar
    Star Rating

    This is a wonderfdul play that my class really loved!!! 5 Stars!!! (Posted on 27/06/2013)

  2. What a Knight... indeed!!!! Review by M. O'Neill Nelson School Miramichi, NB Canada
    Star Rating

    This was the first Craig Hawes musical we had ever performed and my students were hooked on Craig Hawes!! They loved putting on their best british accents for their performance!! The comedic lines throughout the musical were hilarious. I still laugh thinking about the Ernie and Bernie Black Head characters!! I highly recommend this musical. (Posted on 12/03/2013)

  3. What a Knight! Review by Mrs Atkins Pewithall Primary School
    Star Rating

    Just finished our run of the show. The children loved it, the staff loved it and so did our packed audiences. The play was straightforward to produce - lots of laughs throughout and plenty of opportunities for the children to show off their talents.
    A very well scripted show with lots of really good lines.
    Roll on next year and another Musicline production. (Posted on 12/12/2012)

  4. GREATEST PLAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Review by St Bartholomew s C.E Primary school Great Harwood
    Star Rating

    it was the greatest play Me and my class mates have ever done it was a great and funny experience. (Posted on 24/11/2012)

  5. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! Review by Eve - Hythe Bay CEP - Hythe
    Star Rating

    I play Watt Cobblers in my end of year production: 'What A Knight!' And my class absolutely LOVES it!
    It is nice to be able to be part of such an excellent play!
    The jokes even make the teachers crack up!
    Overall all I can say is..... WOW!!! (Posted on 23/05/2012)

  6. Witty and Entertaining Review by Immanuel, Salem OR
    Star Rating

    Our entire school (K-8) performed this musical last spring for an end of the year performance. It was a hit! We are a small school of 60, so everyone had a part and was involved. K-2 students were utilized as "chorus" while members of every other grade had at least one group speaking parts.

    Songs were catchy and easy to learn.

    We loved it! (Posted on 19/01/2012)

  7. Amazing!!! Review by Sophie, Knaphill School, Woking
    Star Rating

    I'm doing it for my year 6 play and it's incredible! Because there were a lot of people who wanted big parts, my school added more characters, and I'm one of them. I play Princess Aldena so now there are five princesses!!!!

    Everybody suits their characters and Watt and Alice did a great job learning their lines! I can't wait for the three main performances. My school has added a choir, and loads of dances including the guards dance, the chess dance and the bakers dance. Ernie and Bernie are soooooo funny! This play is amazing and is a great comedy! I reccommend it. (Posted on 30/11/2011)

  8. Fun for all Review by Jacob Leman, Butlers Court School, Beaconsfield
    Star Rating

    Fun producing it, being 11 years old and a pupil acting King Arthur, everyone enjoyed it. The audience loved it too. A great production. (Posted on 30/07/2011)

  9. What a Knight! What a Summer Camp! Review by John Lucey Stagecoach Galway
    Star Rating

    A really great show which transports children and parents back in to the dark ages with consummate ease! The songs are catchy, but not too ambitious for a week's holiday workshop, but children learned the lines quickly and relished producing a fabulous performance with our team of directors. At Stagecoach Galway, we love working with Musicline because they keep delivering measurable results and What a Knight! will not let you down. A big hit and highly recommended. (Posted on 25/07/2011)

  10. EPICNESS! Review by Lewis Pickles - Fryern Junior School, Chandlers Ford
    Star Rating

    I was Watt Cobblers and it was my Yr 6 leavers production. It was the best one i ever did!!!!!!! Loads of laughs!!!! OHHHH WHAT A KNIGHT!

    (Posted on 22/07/2011)

  11. Best Play Ever! Review by Charlotte, St.Catherines School, Horwich
    Star Rating

    All my class have really emjoyed performing this show and getting into crazy costumes. We have got into playing the roles and pretend to be our characters when we eat lunch! The show is going to be amazing on the night of the performance and I don't think ANYONE can wait!
    We have a great Watt and Kitty (the banter between those two is great) and a amazing Alice, Merlin and Dusty! Everyone suits their characters and can perform their parts well.
    I suggest to anyone wanting to perform this play to do so, you will be laughing from start to finish and singing ALL the catchy songs on the way home. (Posted on 30/06/2011)

  12. HILARIOUS Review by Ben, Sefton Park, Bristol
    Star Rating

    I think the play is really good and funny I am rehearsing right now and I am the bad knight. It Iis really funny and I can't wait to perform! (Posted on 21/06/2011)

  13. Fabulous Review by Dusty Dragon, Temple Normatnton Primary
    Star Rating

    We are doing this play at my school. I am Dusty the dragon. It is a hilarious play. LOVE IT!! (Posted on 18/06/2011)

  14. The funny quest of entertainment!!! Review by Emily - Stanbrige Primary School ,Bristol
    Star Rating

    I'm doing this production for my Yr6 leaving performace. Iv'e only learned one and a half songs, but even now I'm on the edge of my seet to hear more!!!!

    (Posted on 07/06/2011)

  15. Fantastic Review by Mrs Hood- Blakeley Heath
    Star Rating

    The children and the staff have thoroughly enjoyed performing this play. The script is exceptionally funny. I can thoroughly recommend it. (Posted on 31/03/2011)

  16. FAB! Review by Princess Alice OLC school solihull
    Star Rating

    I cant wait! im singing on my own! this prouduction is going to be the best!
    thankyou craig haws!!! (Posted on 15/03/2011)

  17. WOW! Review by Princess Alice
    Star Rating

    We did this for our end of year play and we had so much fun. The songs are really good and we were able to add some witty moves to go with the words. We had the audience in fits and I LOVED How To Be Me - best song! Even if it is because it was my solo but everyone said that was their favourite so I was like yay! (Posted on 13/03/2011)

  18. Epic!!!!!!!!!! Review by Hisham Merlin sherborne school qatar
    Star Rating

    This Prouduction was way better than last year,i was the main character and last year we did Yee Ha another on by hawes in year 5 this rocked and was way better
    i loved it and my best freind was Lord Dudley so he was a courtier i hope next year its even better (Posted on 09/03/2011)

  19. FANTASTIC Review by sheena gentleshaw primary school
    Star Rating

    I LUV WHAT A KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL ITS GOING 2 BE THE BEST LEAVERS PLAY EVER (Posted on 05/03/2011)

  20. Fantastic Review by Longton primary school
    Star Rating

    it is so great
    we love it! (Posted on 05/03/2011)

  21. AMAZING Review by Rose Carrot of beetroot primary school in flippers town
    Star Rating

    The audience were falling out of their seats its that funny great witty one liners and loads of plays-on-words best play ever great way to leave p7every show was sold out I'm really happy about the play it's over now and sad about that but had great time amazing crack even in rehearsals. BUY THIS YOU'LL HAVE QUITE A KNIGHT(s) (Posted on 27/02/2011)

  22. AMAZING Review by Ernie Blackhead -st marys primary school
    Star Rating

    What a play love it love the sword fight (Posted on 16/02/2011)

  23. A Knight fit for A King Review by Niall, The Black Knight
    Star Rating

    Really enjoying practices. I play The Black Knight. I can't wait for the perform it. Feb 21st 2011 (Posted on 31/01/2011)

  24. most fun play ever it's awesome Review by Jack (Earl Axminster) Cardinal Newman
    Star Rating

    I loved all of the play and it was so fun to do my Teacher loves knights and this play was a great play and we had great fun learning the play if we could do it again I would love to do it

    (Posted on 20/01/2011)

  25. FAB Review by Review by Charlotte - Princess Alice
    Star Rating

    i think that it will be a knight to remember because of all the great people in it which means natalie , megan , alex , emily and georgia (Posted on 19/01/2011)

  26. Always wanted a sword fight on stage Review by Ernie Blackhead -the mean evil guy with his brother Bernie Blackhead
    Star Rating

    Great show were going to be busy at our school were working overtime (Posted on 16/01/2011)

  27. Brilliant Review by Kingston Primary, Thundersley
    Star Rating

    I saw this last night and it was fabulous - some fantastic jokes and puns and with some brilliant songs everyone is involved in the show - great script, great characters, the school did this proud with limited rehearsal time, credit to the writer and the performers

    Steve (proud dad of Squire Syd) ! (Posted on 15/12/2010)

  28. Awesome Review by Britney- Princess Alfreda
    Star Rating

    wow i cant wait to do the play at the end of the year it is going to be so cool (Posted on 07/10/2010)

  29. Outstanding! Review by Teachers Mrs Ridler and Mr Slater - Kingsclere Primary School
    Star Rating

    "Brilliant to perform and watch. it has an easy, precise and funny script which was a fabulous entertainment for all" (Posted on 22/07/2010)

  30. Brilliant! Review by Katherine Teece - St. John's School - Stafford
    Star Rating

    A very funny and amusing show which had the audience in stitches. (Posted on 20/07/2010)

  31. A Knight to Remember Review by Melanie Oakley - Sybourn Primary School - London
    Star Rating

    Our Year 6 children have had us in hysterics today performing this to the rest of the school. Other teachers said it was the best play they've seen performed at the school for a long while. What can I say? Excellent script and music makes it really easy to stage and the kids just love performing it. Thanks to the composer! (Posted on 14/07/2010)

  32. Great show for emerging artists! Review by Mrs. Reeves - DFT Gecko Teatro Youth Theater - Cave Creek - Arizona - USA
    Star Rating

    This is the second summer we have used a Hawes script for our two-week musical theater camp. Last summer we did Ye Ha!

    What is really great about these scripts is that each role has lines and a defined character. It allows us the opportunity to work with every child on character development. While Ye Ha allowed us to use our American accents (we even have the cowboy part down really well out here), we used What a Knight to also provide the students some accent work.

    The scripts easily accommodate the 40 or so students we have in our camp each year and the entire artistic and production team has a great time working on the show.

    The music is fun and simple enough to learn quickly, the length of the show perfect and the jokes are very funny as well. With all those elements we were able to pull off great productions in just 7 days of rehearsal at the camp.

    We can't wait to find another Hawes script for our 2011 summer camp. (Posted on 10/07/2010)

  33. Can't wait to perform it! Review by Olivia
    Star Rating

    Im Kandy Calvin in the play and its just sooo funny and I love all the funny bits! I can't wait for the night! (Posted on 20/01/2010)

  34. Great Play Review by William Owen, Eagley Junior school, Bolton
    Star Rating

    Amazing I got the part of Lester Lugabout in our play (Posted on 18/01/2010)

  35. I COUNLD'NT BLEIVLE MY EYES IT WAS FANTASTACIC Review by lois and ruby sandgate
    Star Rating


  36. excellent Review by truli dudley school sandgate primary school town folkestone age 9
    Star Rating

    it is an excellent funny production with great characters (Posted on 04/11/2009)

  37. Outstanding - Highly recommended. Review by Parent - Woodlesford Primary School - Leeds
    Star Rating

    An outstanding script. So funny and wonderful to watch. Everyone enjoyed rehearsing and acting out the play. Highly recommended. (Posted on 23/07/2009)

  38. Wicked Review by Lucy Dixon - Shawfield primary school
    Star Rating

    'What a Knight' was the best key stage two play at Shawfield ever! All the year 5 and 6 got a part and it was great to see their contribution. (Posted on 16/07/2009)

  39. fantastic !!! Review by dancer from the play
    Star Rating

    i think the play is a good fun joyful and funny play with a bit of everything like songs dances acting and jokes so i love it all round. (Posted on 13/07/2009)

  40. wicked Review by Lester Lugabout!!! - one of the main characters
    Star Rating

    this play is soo good i was one of the main characters and the jokes are soo funny and it is the best play ever!!!!!!!! it is a great yr 5,6 play we really enjoyed it at hamble primary school :) (Posted on 13/07/2009)

  41. A fantastic choice for a Year 6 cast. Review by Happy Year 6 Teacher
    Star Rating

    We have performed this as our End of Year Key Stage 2 production.
    The Year 6 absolutely loved the script from the moment they first read through it and were very excited! The choir also enjoyed singing the songs. Last night was our first performance and the parents thought it was great and laughed at the jokes!
    A great script and catchy songs makes this a fantastic choice for a Year 6 cast.
    Thank you! (Posted on 08/07/2009)

  42. Fantastic Review by Clare
    Star Rating

    My daughter appeared in What a Knight in her Year 6 play this week and it was fantastic. Great story, great jokes and even better catchy songs. So catchy in fact, we can't stop singing them. (Posted on 02/07/2009)

  43. FUN-NY! Review by A.T. - Cast Member.
    Star Rating

    I'm doing it at the end of the year and every time we rehearse everyone can't stop laughing! It's extremely entertaining to watch and take part in. (Posted on 18/06/2009)

  44. Terrific! Review by Hannah - Cast Member.
    Star Rating

    At St. Michael's C of E Primary in Kingsteignton we are doing the play ' What A Knight ' and we have just learnt the first song which is terrific. (Posted on 02/06/2009)

  45. Fantastic! Review by Jess - Cast Member.
    Star Rating

    At Treloweth CP School - Cornwall we're doing "What a Knight" and it is fantastic. (Posted on 29/05/2009)

  46. So cool! Review by Prinsesss Alfreda - Cast Member
    Star Rating

    My class is doing this play for our end of year 6 play and everyone is really excited about it. We all think it's incredibly funny. The songs are really easy to learn and all in all it's so cool! (Posted on 17/05/2009)

  47. Wonderful! Review by Mary Rose - KS2 Teacher.
    Star Rating

    Such a joy to watch and a very clear and precise script. Very entertaining, on the whole - WONDERFUL! (Posted on 02/04/2009)

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