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Cindy (Youth Theater Musical)

by Mike Smith, Wilf Tudor

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"Rave Reviews from The Edinburgh Festival"

Jill Edmonds - Wells Cathedral School

"The audience loved this musical."

Frank Tanti - St Clare College. MALTA

• 22 speaking roles.
• Unlimited chorus parts.
• Easy to stage: adaptable.
• CD of Backing Tracks
• Complete set of Vocal Tracks on separate C.D.
• Piano Score available.
• Easily manageable props.
• Age range: Key Stages 3 / 4 and 16 + (11 - 18 years)
• Duration - Two Hours.

Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

This is a truly wonderful musical for young people. It contains all of the elements one could wish for in this superbly entertaining show. One of the best new musicals around, CINDY contains great songs (there isn't a duff one in there !), superb humour and characterisation, with parts for talented singers, actors and dancers, plus substantial chorus work.

It is a show with that all essential feel - good factor - the characters are real people in real life situations. The audience will find itself identifying with all the highs and lows of this story of a downtrodden girl who wants to sing, whilst your cast will love performing it.

CINDY is a school musical that in our opinion is guaranteed success, it deserves success, it will delight you, your cast, and your audience. Its premiere at Wells Cathedral School was a roaring success attaining superb reviews, followed by a barnstorming run at the Edinburgh Festival also with rave reviews.

The backing tracks CD is of a very high standard. A vocal CD is now available.

So, if you have access to instrumentalists you can do it, and if you haven't you can still do it. Do please take the time to have a look at CINDY - you'll be glad you did.

It will make 'em laugh, it will make 'em cry, and it will certainly entertain everyone.

Order a copy today!


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Act One

As the musical opens and moves straight into action, 'Save Our School' is sung as the community protests to prevent Forest Fields School from closure. The scene moves swiftly to the Carpenter’s Kitchen where young teen Cindy is ironing for her family. Here, she suffers grief from her stepmother, Gladys, and two step brothers who do not believe she is working hard enough at completing her chores. However, her father, the school caretaker brings a touch of light relief to the scene as he celebrates the success of the earlier protest.

As tea is delivered in the form of a pizza, the audience begin to see a romance developing between the pizza delivery boy Enzo, and Cindy. However, as in any ‘young’ relationship, Enzo has to suffer teasing from Justin and Jason who relish poking fun at Enzo’s developing crush on Cindy - poor boy! Yet the tables soon turn as Tracy drops in to see the Carpenter family and suddenly both Jason and Justin are under her spell as they swoon in her presence. However, when mum ushers the boys upstairs to get ready for the evening’s events and disappears herself, it is obvious that Cindy and Tracy do not get along when they are left together and 'Cindy and Tracy' is sung. When everyone exits, Cindy is given time to reflect during 'For Once In My Life.'

The evening’s events consist of Bingo in order to continue raising money to save Forest Fields. Everyone gets into the swing of things during 'Bingo Crazy' and in a successful conclusion to the night’s events, the headmaster shares the news that they have succeeded in saving the school.

However, this is not the happy ending to the musical as events begin to unfold...In a touching scene, Cindy shares her aspirations with her father about wanting to join the school drama club but describes her worries about not being able to complete her household chores and displeasing her stepmother etc. As the pair share a moment, the audience learn about the history of the family, and the tragic death of Cindy’s mother. However, on a lighter note, Arthur reveals to his daughter that Cindy’s birth mother was a talented singer and so there is little doubt that Cindy will have inherited this gift. 'Sing' follows as Arthur encourages his daughter to follow her dream.

After this moving number, Jason and Justin tease Enzo about his developing crush on Cindy although when Enzo’s chance arises to tell her how he feels, he chickens out. Feeling as if a weight has been lifted from her shoulders, Cindy walks with a spring in her step to Mrs Hayes where the music teacher is impressed with Cindy’s voice when she sings 'Winter' and encourages her to audition for the solo that will be performed at the Gala Evening.

However, overhearing Cindy and Mrs Hayes in the music room, Jason and Justin share the news with their mother who convinces them to help her in a plan to prevent Cindy from attending the audition. It does not take a lot to persuade two teenage boys when they are faced with the horrors of having to do their own ironing! 'Fantasy' follows as the brothers reflect on the wicked step mothers in children’s stories.


Act Two

As Act II begins, Cindy’s step mother shares the plan with the boys to put pink dye in Cindy’s shampoo bottle, so when she washes her hair a disastrous change will occur and she will be too embarrassed to leave the house! Everyone knows a teenage girl has to like her hair to go out in a public...!

As members of the drama club come together for the rehearsal, Tracy is convinced she will get the solo and Jason and Justin do not hesitate in backing her up with countless compliments. To keep them smitten, Tracy promises to choose one of them to take her to prom on the night of the Gala; 'Superstar' follows as Tracy relishes being under the spotlight. The following song, 'Get Up!' is a chance for everyone to sing and dance as the ensemble number is rehearsed for the gala evening.

When the boys and Cindy arrive home after rehearsals, mum tries to convince Cindy to go and wash her hair. However, eager to complete her chores first, Cindy convinces her stepmother to use the shower before her. Thus, disastrously for Gladys, she ends up dyeing her hair fluorescent pink! Following a scene change, the cleaners are busying themselves cleaning up the auditorium. As Arthur enters and shares his problems with his colleagues, they all try to lift his mood during 'Cleaners' Calypso.

Although this lively song creates a happier atmosphere, this soon deteriorates as Gladys paces about the kitchen, reflecting on the events and trying to think of another way to prevent Cindy from going to the audition. After a sudden brain wave, Gladys fakes tripping over a wire and ‘breaks her ankle.’ Eager to look after her stepmother, Cindy is quick to offer to stay , even though this means missing the audition. Luckily for Cindy though, Enzo makes a surprise visit and convinces Cindy to go, as he will look after Gladys. Unfortunately for Gladys however, she forgets her ‘injury’ and upon using her ankle perfectly well, Enzo is quick to fit the pieces together and does not hesitate to tell Arthur either. Disappointed in his wife, Arthur sings 'The Lady That I Married' , Gladys is quick to see the errors of her ways and apologises profusely.

Unfortunately for Cindy, despite Enzo’s best efforts to help, she misses the audition and as Cindy exits home in a hurry, Enzo sings 'Is It Love?' The following scene sees the family getting ready together for the gala evening, and the vibes between them are positive with everything now in the open. Back Stage at the school hall, Tracy refuses to take either Justin or Jason to the prom, and after her harsh rejection her friends abandon her and Enzo is quick to whisk her off (but not to where she thinks...) During 'Brothers' Justin and Jason put all the bickering about Tracy behind them as they see her for what she really is.

As everything comes together, upon Tracy’s failure to turn up and do the solo (thanks to Enzo...) Cindy is called upon to take her place and Enzo finally plucks up the courage to ask her to the prom. 'Children of the World' is the perfect song to end the musical as everything, and everyone comes together.


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Mother (Gladys)
Mrs hayes
Bad goblin


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Customer Reviews

Songs keep you awake at night!

This is a great show, with superb songs and backing tracks. All the children had great fun putting the show on and the audiences loved it. The show's only fault is that the songs keep you awake at night!
Review by Jill Edmonds - Wells Cathedral School

It's great.

Hi There, just come to say, im taking part in our production of cindy, im arthur, Its great. the story is great and the songs are wicked, our show is 3 weeks away and i just cant wait. (wow, that rhymes, must be all the singing)
Review by Cast Member.

It was AAAmazing.

Hi, I sang in the musical on my school's golden jubilee celebration. It was AAAmazing. The music was wonderful and the lyrics beautiful.

Review by Marisa - Cast Member.

Truly Inspiring.

I felt awake and alive more-so than I had with any other play I had been to! Truly Inspiring.
Review by Joel O'neil - Member of audience.

The audience loved this musical.

The production of CINDY in our school was highly successful and very popular with the audience.
Review by Frank Tanti - St Clare College - MALTA

It's great...

It's my first time in a musical, and "CINDY" was a really good experience.
I was in the choir. What a wonderful story line, and you never know it might inspire someone to go out there and try singing or drama.
Review by Em - Cast Member.

This musical is Amazing!

The musical is, itself, just amazing and we're all enjoying it very much. The girls in our PR department love the storyline. The songs are some of the most lovely and professional we have encountered - everyone is singing them.
Thank you for writing such a wonderful musical - you're amazing!
Review by The Principal - Stage Arts - Rochester

Not enough words to describe!!! In short, awesome!!!

I have just been part of the cast of Cindy and I just want to say there is not enough stars to award it. It was the first in South Africa and well, the audiences adored it. After about 3-4 months' struggle we finally pulled it together and blew the audience away with the amazing magic of Cindy the musical! All thanks to Mike Smith and Wilf Tudor.
Review by JJ- Cast Member - South Africa

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Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

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Is It Love?

Once In My Life



Get Up


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