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Ebenezer (Youth Theater Musical)

Script and Song Samples

Ebenezer (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

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"Excellent... parents rated it as outstanding"

Oakhill School - Stoke on Trent - Staffordshire

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Woods Foundation School, Nottingham

A Superb Musical Adaptation Of The Classic 'A Christmas Carol'
• 38 speaking roles plus cameos.
• Unlimited chorus parts.
• Easy to stage. Easy to costume.
• Backing Track CD.
• Piano Score available.
• No fuss props.
• Age range - Key Stages 3 / 4 and 16 + Production. (11 - 18 years)
• Duration - Two Hours.

Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

A Musical Play originally written for school students aged 11 to 18, based on Dickens' " A Christmas Carol". It is however ideal for Youth Groups and Amateur Groups to perform.

The catchy score has many popular highlights and a wealth of musical styles including Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Rap, Ballads, Carols and Choral.

During its premiere run in December 1992 at Derby Playhouse it attracted full houses and magnificent reviews from local to national press. Godfrey Smith of the Sunday Times praised the show highly saying it was " the most heart-warming night of the year for me."

A CD of backing tracks is available and also Band Parts.


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Act One
After the sung PROLOGUE [“THIS IS A LOVE STORY”], the action switches to a London street, where the crowd are celebrating Christmas Eve. [Song: “ROLL ON, CHRISTMAS”] Their cheerful mood is shattered by the arrival of Scrooge [Song: “EBENEZER SCROOGE!”. He makes his way to his office, where he confronts his clerk, the downtrodden Bob Cratchit, and refuses him extra coal for his fire. Scrooge’s nephew Fred pays a visit, as he does every year, asking his uncle to dine with himself and his wife, which Scrooge, as usual, declines, railing both at Christmas and Fred for wasting money on getting married. Fred replies with [Song: “BEAUTIFUL WOMAN”] then departs.

Some charity collectors appear [Song: “CHARITY”] and though the crowd give generously, the collectors are shocked by Scrooge’s refusal to give even a penny, and are sent packing by Scrooge at his most curmudgeonly [Song: “I HATE EVERYBODY”] He extends his mean-minded attitude to Bob Cratchit, reluctantly allowing him Christmas Day off. Cratchit leaves, and Scrooge too, to a short Reprise of [Song: “I HATE EVERYBODY”]

The Chorus enter and sing [Song: “TWO OF A KIND”] about how Scrooge and his partner Jacob Marley, who died seven years ago, were two of a kind in their meanness.

The action switches to Scrooge’s bedroom, where he is startled to be haunted by the guilt-stricken, remorseful ghost of Jacob Marley, who wears a chain made of ledgers, deeds and cash-boxes. He tells Scrooge that his chain is much longer and warns him [Song: “TOO LATE NOW”] that he has a small chance of avoiding the same ghastly fate as Jacob. He will be haunted each night at midnight by three Ghosts. Scrooge is not too keen on the idea, but Marley repeats that it’s his only chance [Reprise: “TOO LATE NOW”]

With Marley gone, Scrooge begins to bluster again, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Ghost of Christmas Past, who takes him on a journey out of his bedroom. [Song: “SCROOGE AND THE SPIRIT”]

Scrooge arrives at the school were he was a young pupil, a solitary boy, even in those days. [Brief Song: “I REMEMBER”] He is joined by his little sister [the future mother of Fred]. There is the first hint of a change of heart in Scrooge, especially when he is transported to Mr.Fezziwig’s Warehouse, where he was an apprentice, and spent the only truly happy part of his life. [Song: “LET’S HAVE A PARTY”] But then a little while later he sees his younger self with Belle, his fiancé, who regretfully breaks off their relationship because of Scrooge’s mounting fixation with acquiring wealth, [Song: “WHERE IS THE MUSIC?”]

The Ghost of Christmas Past leaves the saddened Scrooge, to be replaced by the rapping Ghost of Christmas Present, with his posse of rappers. [Song: “CHRISTMAS PRESENT RAP”] They take him to Bob Cratchit’s house [Song: “SCENE CHANGE RAP”] where Bob and his family are starting their meagre Christmas dinner. One of Bob’s family is the crippled Tiny Tim and Scrooge witnesses Tiny Tim’s thanks for their Christmas celebrations. [Song: “GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE”]

END OF Act One

Act Two
After an OPTIONAL CAROL CONCERT, introduced by a Music Hall Chairman, The Ghost of Christmas Present and Posse take Scrooge to his nephew Fred’s house, where Fred is entertaining his dinner guests with an impersonation of Scrooge [Song: “I HATE EVERYBODY”] Fred and the guests then mock Scrooge [Song: “DEAR OLD UNCLE SCROOGE”] The spirits, having shown Scrooge a grim scene with two desolate children huddled together, alone and destitute, then depart, [Song: “EXIT RAP”] and the saddened Scrooge is left to face the sinister Ghost of Christmas Future, a dark, unspeaking figure, who points to the Market Place, where four lads happily dance in carrying a coffin which they take off for a man who has just died to be put in.

The crowd gather round the Market traders, celebrating the death of the much disliked man, [Song: “CLAP YOUR HANDS”] Scrooge asks to be shown some tenderness connected with a death, and is transported to Bob Cratchit’s home, where the family are mourning the death of Tiny Tim [Song: “AND EVERYONE LOVED HIM] Scrooge is mortified, and even more so when the Ghost points out the tombstone of the unloved dead man from the Market scene. It is Scrooge’s own!

Scrooge collapses in remorse, clutching at the Ghost’s gown – only to wake up in his own bed, clutching his bedsheet. It is Christmas morning, with the bells ringing outside. Scrooge is both delighted and transformed. [Song: “ROLL ON CHRISTMAS!”] He gets an urchin to buy up the biggest turkey in the shop and send it to Bob Cratchit. He then gets dressed and goes into the street, where the crowds are amazed at the new Scrooge [Song: “EBENEZER SCROOGE!”] as are the Charity collectors, to whom he gives generously.

He then makes his way to his nephew’s house, where Fred is entertaining his dinner guests with his Scrooge impersonation [Song: “I HATE EVERYBODY”] Scrooge enters; at first the guests are suspicious but soon warm to him as Scrooge shows his change of heart [Song: “DEAR OLD UNCLE SCROOGE” – genuine, not a send-up]

The next morning, Boxing Day, Scrooge’s wish is granted as Bob Cratchit arrives later than he’s ever done before. Scrooge does a big “rant” and Bob fears he’s going to get the sack, but with a smile, Scrooge raises his salary, promises to help Tiny Tim – and offers to buy him a new coal scuttle! [Finale: “THE REST OF MY LIFE”]

There are a host of optional Curtain Reprises.


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Two Acts. Sixteen scenes (including prologues and interlude links). Twenty Six Songs (plus certain reprises) Scenery required is moderately involved.
Male - 12 (plus 8 as small children) Female - 18 (plus 8 as small children) Chorus - mixed.

Male Major Principles
Scrooge, Nephew Fred, Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, 2 Charity men/or women, Ghosts of Christmas Past, present and future, Mr Fezziwig, Music Hall Chairman, Old Joe.

Female Major Principles
Prologue Singer, Belle, Mrs Fezziwig, Mrs Cratchit, Belinda Cratchit, Fred's wife, Mrs Dilber, and Old Crone.

In addition as large a chorus as can be accommodated. Also a separate choir, which could be incorporated into the chorus work, if desired.

Ebenezer Scrooge
Bob Cratchit, his clerk
Fred, his nephew
The Ghost of Jacob Marley, his long-dead partner.
A group of Devils [min.4, song & dance only]
Mr.Fezziwig, his employer from long past
Young Scrooge, as an apprentice
Dick Wilkins, young Scrooge’s friend
Three suitors [song & dance only]
Guests of Mr.Fezziwig
The Ghost of Christmas Present [could be female]
Music Hall Chairman [optional] [could be female]
Guests of Fred [min. 3]
Coffin-carriers [4]
Old Joe
Market traders or crowd [min. 4]

Prologue soloist
Charity Collectors [minimum 2, could be male or mixed]
A group of Angels [min. 4, song & dance only]
The Ghost of Christmas Past [could be male]
The 3 Misses Fezziwig [song & dance only]
Guests of Mrs.Fezziwig
Belle, young Scrooge’s fiancé
Martha Cratchit, eldest daughter
Fred’s wife
Guests of Fred [min.3]
Mrs.Dilber, an old crone
Another old crone
The Ghost of Christmas Future [could be male]

Either Sex
The Ghost of Christmas Present’s Posse [any number, could be mixed]

Carol urchin
Turkey urchin
Scrooge as a child
School Children
Peter Cratchit, Tiny Tim’s older brother
Tiny Tim
David’s City treble [song only]
Deprived child

Child Scrooge’s sister
School Children
Belinda Cratchit
Deprived Child

Londoners, Optional Carol Concert singers, merchants & buyers in Market [younger children can be involved in all choruses]

Optional Choir


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Song Samples

Song Samples are audio clips taken from the songs of the show. Click each song title below to play each song.

Song Title


Dear Old Uncle Scrooge

Eveyone Loved Him

Roll On Christmas

The Rest Of My Life

Where Is The Music

I Hate Everybody

Rap And Finale

Silent Night

Too Late Now

These samples have been compressed and do not represent the quality of the final product.

Script & Score Samples

Script & Score Samples are the first few pages of either the script, the score or any other written material relevant to the show. Click the links below to view each sample.

Sample Script

Sample Score

If you experience any issues with playing these samples then please try right clicking your mouse on the song name and selecting "Save Target As". This will allow you to download each sample song onto your computer. You can then open the song sample from the saved location on your computer and listen to it.

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