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The Rocky Monster Show (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

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"Excellent fun!"

Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop - Lanarkshire

"This Musical was the Best!"

Branston Community College - Leicester

A Great Rock 'n' Roll Musical!
• 20 speaking roles; easily reduced or expanded.
• Unlimited chorus parts.
• Easy to stage with simple scenery - adaptable.
• Backing Track CD available.
• Vocal Track CD available.
• Piano Score available.
• Easily constructed and manageable props.
• Age range - Key Stages 3 / 4 and 16 + Production. (11 - 18 years)
• Duration - Two Hours.

Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Bizarre, anarchic and very funny, this Rock 'n' Roll musical is a riotous mix of the Addams Family, Young Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera, with Rebecca and The Rocky Horror Show thrown in for good measure!

Baron Frankenstein's descendant, and ex-pop star turned professor of Genetics, creates DNA moulds of people in his computer. How these moulds come to life as the ultimate Rock Group, headed by a clone of Elvis himself, is the highlight of the hilarious plot.

More traditional monsters also add spice to the explosive mixture. Staff, cast and audience will love the Rock 'n' Roll score, much of which is an affectionate send-up of the 60's. With some 20 principal parts including many splendid female roles, there is also plenty of chorus opportunity for maximum pupil participation. Schools with a good Rock Band will want them to get in on the act.

Band parts are available.

The CD of backing tracks is strongly recommended for rehearsal and / or performance.

From the writer of the hit shows “Ebenezer” and “The Dracula Rock Show”.


Product code: RMS

Act One

After the Opening Chorus [Song: “EVOLUTION”] [with optional Ghouls] the Narrator/s set the scene for:-

Dan and Rebecca, young scientists, arrive at Arkham station, a remote place with no electricity or taxis. The weird Stationmaster asks them their destination. When they say the Fenton Laboratory, the Stationmaster goes into a fear-induced trance. When he recovers, he says they’ll get no peace at that wicked place, and will probably end up mad. They start to make their own way, and meet a Batty Girl, who goes into a similar trance at the mention of the laboratory. It seems everyone in Arkham is related. The girl leaves and Dan and Rebecca see a castle outlined against the setting sun, which is their destination. Song: “CASTLE IN THE SKY"

Inside the castle, the sinister housekeeper Mrs.Danvers [from “Rebecca”] is in conversation with the handyman, the two hundred years old limping hunchback Igor [as in the Frankenstein films – and “Young Frankenstein”] Professor Fenton’s bimbo daughter Gloria appears, fed up with the stuffiness of the castle and the deadness of Arkham. Song: “LOOKING FOR THE ACTION” Dan & Rebecca arrive - Dan much to Gloria’s relief and Rebecca much to Mrs. Danver's anger. They await the appearance of Professor Fenton, who in the 60's was rock star Rocky Fenton until an accident burnt his face, finishing his career, and causing him to wear a Phantom-of-the-Opera mask. He became interested in the study of genetics, studied for seven years in Vienna, and became a Professor of Genetics. He appears. Song: “PROFESSOR OF ROCK ’N’ ROLL”

The Narrator/s explain further: Fenton was on tour in the Carpathians when the accident happened, and we go back to when Fenton came out of hospital. Awaiting him is Igor, who takes him on a journey to a Transylvanian Castle which belonged to the notorious - Baron Frankenstein! [Igor was, of course, the Baron’s servant] Fenton remembers his family name had been changed because of unpleasant associations with the past. Inside the castle are the remaining notes on the Baron’s experiments - which inspire Fenton to take up the study of genetics - especially as he discovers that he is the Baron’s descendant, and so - a Frankenstein!

Back in the laboratory in the Arkham castle, Fenton is introducing his young assistants to his work; he has created the templates of life inside a computer, but can’t bring it to life outside, which is where he needs their help. He also shows them two coffins wherein reside the remains of the original Frankenstein’s handywork, the monster Mungo and his companion Elsa. As they leave the lab, a thunderstorm breaks out and a bolt of lightning strikes Mungo’s coffin. He comes to life. Another bolt brings Elsa to life, and they instantly fall in love, enthused by each other’s ugliness. Song: “GUESS WE’RE IN LOVE”

The Castle inhabitants come in, and Fenton is overjoyed to find what brought the monsters to life. Song: “THE FLASH CRASH"

Meanwhile, back in Arkham, the villagers are holding a meeting, unhappy at the “goings-on” at the castle. The hellfire-and-damnation Preacher enters, and says let’s be calm and not leap to conclusions – but if the castle occupants are indulging in ungodly tactics, let them burn! Song: “BURN! BURN! BURN!”

END OF Act One

Act Two

Dan & Rebecca are working in the lab. Nerdish Dan discovers he’s in love with Rebecca, but doesn’t know how to express it. Song: “CALLED LOVE” The castle people assemble. Fenton says they are on the verge of a major breakthrough, and promises man-mad Gloria a “special present”.

In a police station the Arkham villagers get Inspector Baskerville to promise to investigate the castle and its occupants.

Back in the laboratory Fenton demonstrates his first “breakthrough”. He releases a life-form from his computer - out comes Gloria’s present Song: “TOY BOY”. Fenton then reveals his plans. He intends to return to the rock scene by creating the perfect Rock Group.

At this moment Inspector Baskerville rings the front door bell. The assembled company hastily find an excuse to cover their bizarre appearance - they’re holding a Star Trek convention. The Inspector appears and is taken in. Fenton does good PR by inviting him and the villagers to a concert in a week’s time. The Inspector accepts, and leaves. Fenton reveals the dream that has sustained him all through the years – the creation of a Song: “SUPERGROUP”

The Narrator/s link into the next scene, the Castle ballroom a week later, the night of the concert. As the Inspector & villagers assemble, the first rumblings of a thunderstorm are heard. Fenton appears and explains to the villagers why he didn’t mix with them because of his scarred face. Then he introduces the first act - Mungo and Elsa doing a clumsy “Young Frankenstein” type show number - Song: “STEP OUT ON THE TOWN”. It goes down a storm, but then Fenton produces from the computer the first of his “created” pop groups, the Superbs. Song: “LADY LOVE” Surely nothing can top that... but yes. Fenton produces from his computer the King himself - Elvis! Song: “A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW”

The whole place goes wild, but the Preacher questions whether Elvis is alive or dead. By this time the storm has built up to its height, and a sudden lightning flash spikes the “created” people - the Toy Boy, the Superbs, and Elvis. They are rendered lifeless, when another lightning strike sets the Castle on fire. There is pandemonium. A brief link from the Narrator/s to the ruined Ballroom after the fire. Dan and Rebecca stagger on. They appear to be the only Castle occupants to have survived, until Mrs. Danvers appears, clutching her neck, having been bitten by something... she turns on them, her teeth having become vampire fangs!

Finale: “EVOLUTION” [The Narrator/s & the Company]


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Two Acts. Twelve scenes. Thirteen songs. Scenery essential.

Male - 10 (3 could be female) Female - 9 Chorus - mixed.

Male Major Principles

Professor Fenton, Dan Stoker - a nerdish scientist assistant to the Professor, Igor the hunchback manservant, Mungo- a monster, Station-Master, Preacher, Inspector Baskerville, Toy Boy and Elvis.

Female Major Principles

Rebecca Shelley, pretty scientist assistant, Mrs Danvers, the formidable housekeeper, Gloria, the Professor's bimbo daughter, Elsa, a monster and companion to Mungo, Batty village girl, Aunt Ada Doom, an ancient villager, and the Superbs, a three-girl singing group.


Chorus of Villagers, Ghouls etc


Narrator [can be female, or could be split in 2, M & F]
Dan Stoker, a nerdish young scientist
Station Master
Igor, a 200-year old handyman
Professor Fenton, masked ex-rock star
Mungo, a monster
William, a villager
Grandfather Ted, a villager
The Preacher [could be female]
Inspector Baskerville [could be female]
The Toy Boy


Rebecca Shelley, a young scientist
Batty Girl [a villager]
Mrs.Danvers, a sinister housekeeper
Gloria, the Professor’s man-mad bimbo daughter
Elsa, a monster, companion to Mungo
Aunt Ada, an ancient villager
The Superbs, three group singers
[See also Narrator, Preacher & Inspector Baskerville in Male cast]


Ghouls & Villagers

Optional Choir


Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant material.

Brilliant material, will be looking into the "Dracula" one next.

Review by Mandy Richardson - Music Co-ordinator.

Excellent fun!

Excellent fun! Major scope for talent in the concert scene. Staging can be very simple as can costumes. Brilliant show.
Review by Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop.


I'm playing the part of elsa the monster and i think kinda cooooooooooooooool

Review by Cast Member.


We did this show at The Ridings High School and it was amazing. The whole cast were brilliant and the storyline was just fabulous. We also did Gel the senior version a year after and again it was one of the best plays I have read.
Review by Adam Shea - Cast Member.

This Musical was the best.

This Musical was the best that we have performed in a long time. The Yr 7 who performed the show loved every second. (They were so commited and dedicated.) I would recommend it to anybody who is curious. Might do Pinafore Pirates next year.
Review by Branston Community College - Lincs.

Great musical.

I played Prof. Fenton in this great musical - it's something i'll never forget ,would do over and over again, and it's one of my best memories .Now , a year later, I still remember my lines and i'm still sad that its over !
Review by Cast Member.


The Show is brilliantly written, great songs and characters - Highly recommended for all ages but especially for teenagers who can really go for it!
Review by Kingsy - Cast Member.

Five Star Musical

A very well written storyline with great musical numbers too, fun for all ages very easy to stage, Our cast really enjoyed performing The Rocky Monster Show.
Review by Broxburn Footlights Youth Drama Group

i can't wait YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

well i can't wait to play the part of gloria fenton and i really can't wait i got the script and we are going to do the show in april and the whole school cannot wait YAY

from FAYE WAKE xoxoxoxox
Review by faye from st anthony's school west sussex

Simple and effective

I've been doing the lighting for this school production. I was dissappointed last night as it was our last performance. Cast and crew alike all throughly enjoyed it.
However, on opening night we could'nt get that many numbers in despite it being a fun production.
Review by James C + Woodbrook Vale High School

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Click the "Script & Songs" heading to read the script, look at the score and listen to the songs.

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Burn! Burn! Burn!

Called Love

Castle In The Sky


Guess We're In Love

Lady Love

Looking For The Action

Professor Of Rock 'n' Roll

Step Out On The Town


The Flash Crash

Toy Boy

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