New for 2020

Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back (Full Version)

by Craig Hawes

Full Version (80 minutes. 9 Songs.)
Click HERE for the Reduced Version (50 minutes. 7 Songs.)

Named Characters 55
Speaking Roles 50
Reduced Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)80

"My all time favourite of the Craig Hawes shows... so far! Hilarious script and catchy songs make this an absolute hit with adults and children alike. Our children created memories to treasure after being part of such a brilliant show!"

Lisa Crossland, Cuckney Primary School

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What's The Crime, Mr Wolf?

by Mike Horth & Jan Porter

Ideal Cast Size 64
Speaking Roles 49
Minimum Cast Size 33
Duration (minutes)55-65


"I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to put this on."

Nic Laud, KS2 Year 6 teacher

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The Emoji Musical

by Mike Smith & Wilf Tudor

Ideal Cast Size 62
Speaking Roles 42
Minimum Cast Size 29
Duration (minutes)55

"The script is full of fun as Dolly meets the different Emoji characters."

Naomi Randell, Primary School Music Teacher

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