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A tribute to Captain Tom and all our heroes

"A Song For All Our Heroes"

A beautiful tribute to Sir Captain Tom and a THANK YOU to all N.H.S. staff and essential workers.

A FREE to download and use tribute song to all our heroes. Click HERE for more info!

Happy Easter!

A wonderful, spring time extravaganza for ks1 children. Popular year-on-year, this Easter musical ties in beautifully with your QCA "Life cycles" and "Growing things" topics. 7 x beautiful, easy-to-sing songs, a duration of around 30 minutes and flexibility for different cast sizes, this is the key stage 1 Easter musical play you've been looking for.

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May The Sauce Be With You!

***BRAND NEW*** from Craig Hawes! With a cast of cooky characters, hilarious pun-packed script, and nine spectacular songs as catchy as a severe case of Star Warts, this meteoric musical has universal appeal!

80 minute and 50 minute versions available!

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'HOWL' do you plead?

***NEW*** Our first offering from new kids on the block, Mike Horth and Jan Porter, is a bit of an animal! Mr Wolf is up in court for crimes against the animal kingdom. Is he guilty or innocent? The audience get to decide! Full of feathers and fur, this primary school musical comedy will have your kids loving their 'pseudo serious' anthropomorphic roles.

*** FREE Backdrops ***

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From the hilarious mind of Craig Hawes! With mysterious monsters on the loose and a volatile volcano ready to blow its top, can B.C. become a little boulder and hatch a plan to save the town? Find out in Rock Bottom, the prehistorical, hysterical, stone age rock school musical!

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Finding the perfect primary school musical can prove difficult especially when choosing a production for year 6 leavers. We at Musicline School Musicals believe we've made it as easy as possible to choose the perfect school play. We list all our primary school musicals with clear key information so you can quickly browse and home in on the musical that's right for your school.

YOU be the Judge...

Featuring characters such as Simon Trowel, Cherri Cola, Will.I.Was and Craig Rebel-Cardboard, this spoof-titled show centres around a school that takes drastic measures in order to improve their recent 'average' 'Offset' report. Can bright lights and fake tan fix everything? All we know is that this isn't your 'average' show!

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Doth thou like Rock?

Steve Titford's debut musical, and what a primary school musical this is! The songs in this show are all killer, no filler; kids absolutely love them. Steve is an incredible song writer and producer. Just take a listen to the song samples; you will not be disappointed, and neither will your school children.

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An 'Emoji' roller coaster!

***NEW*** Some clever clogs once said "if you can't beat them, join them", which is exactly why everyone I know uses emojis. You can't escape them! So, why not celebrate this evolved form of communication with a right old knees-up of a show! Mike and Wilf have put together some excellent songs backed up by a witty script. Above all else, these experienced school musical writers wanted you and your children to have fun! They certainly had fun creating it!

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Curry-Bean Twist

Another of Craig Hawes' musicals for schools and our all time best-seller, Pirates of The Curry Bean still holds its own against the new school musicals on the block. If you've never performed "Curry Bean", you simply must buy this school play! You're seriously missing out otherwise!

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