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The Best Value Musicals for Theatre Groups, Theatre Schools, Youth Theatres and Amateur Societies!

Greater value, more resources, increased profitability, less stress, more FUN and just as good, if not better, musicals!

Musicline Musicals offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing casts of any size to be made up of individuals of any age, providing a truly enriching experience for all.

Musicline Musicals

At Musicline Musicals we understand that theatre directors are super busy people. You need a great musical with support resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently with the least amount of headaches. That's why we've packaged our musicals as simply as possible...

Step 1

Buy the ShowPack for your chosen musical and start auditioning, casting and rehearsing straight away!

Step 2

When you know your number of performances and dates, get in touch to obtain your Performing Rights Licence.

It couldn't be simpler! Oh, and did we mention we're much better value than our competitors? No? Well, read on...

We took an objective look at ourselves, Musicline Musicals, versus the competition and compiled the information into the table below. See for yourself the great advantage of Musicline Musicals...

Musicline Musicals


  • ShowPack
  • Performance Royalties
  • Venue Size
  • Cast Age Restrictions
  • Digital Files
  • Video Licence
  • Script Alterations?
  • Support from Theatre Experts
  • Logo Pack
  • Number of Performers
  • Number of Speaking Roles
  • Extra Cast Scripts
  • Extra Piano/Vocal Scores
  • Character Line Counts
  • Karaoke-Style Song App
  • Audiobook-Style Script
  • Digital Backdrops
  • FREE Printable Props
  • FREE Costume Photos
  • Downloadable Poster
  • Songs on Spotify, Apple Music etc?

Musicline Musicals

MTI Junior


  • £349 £299
  • £495

Performing Rights Licence (Royalties)

  • 10% of ticket sales
  • 16% of ticket sales

Venue Size

  • Any!
  • Limited to 500 Capacity limited to 500

Cast Age Restrictions

  • None!
  • No Over 18s Over 18s NOT permitted

Digital Files

  • Included! Included in 'ShowPack'!
  • £180

Video Licence

  • Included! Included in 'ShowPack'!
  • £100 - £200

Script Alterations? (Word Doc)

  • Yes!
  • No.

Support from Theatre Experts

  • Yes!
  • No.

Logo Pack

  • FREE!
  • £150

Number of Performers

  • 25 - Unlimited!
  • 10 - 20

Number of Speaking Roles

  • 25 - 55
  • 14 - 17

Extra Cast Scripts

  • £4 each
  • £8.50 each

Extra Piano/Vocal Scores

  • £16
  • £35

Character Line Counts

  • Yes!
  • No.

Karaoke-Style Song App

  • Yes!
  • No.

Audiobook-Style Script

  • Yes!
  • No.

Digital Backdrops

  • Included! Included in 'ShowPack'!
  • £360

FREE Printable Props

  • Yes!
  • No.

FREE Costume Photos

  • Yes!
  • No.

Downloadable Poster

  • FREE
  • £175

Songs on Spotify, Apple Music etc?

  • Yes!
  • No.
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What's included in the ShowPack?

Your ShowPack includes the following items. Click or tap on each heading to learn more about them.

A Director / Producer Script providing Casting Notes, Production Notes, Full Script, Photocopiable Song Lyrics. Everything you need for a stress-free production, all beautifully bound in a 'lay-flat' A4 book (the script won't close if you lay it down on a table so you don't lose your page!)
These 'simplified' scripts are perfect for all your cast members. Still 'lay-flat' bound means your cast can fold the book back on itself and the book will not close, making rehearsals a breeze! Extra Cast Scripts can be bought for £4 each.
Most of our musicals are available with both a Performance Piano/Vocal Score and an Easy Play Piano/Vocal Score. All are 'lay-flat' wire bound for easy page turning whilst playing.
Professionally produced music tracks with singing. Perfect for practice and rehearsals. All Songs, Incidental Music, and Sound Effects are included.
Professionally produced backing track music with no singing. Perfect for use in your performance. All Songs, Incidental Music, and Sound Effects are included.

The Sing it! app provides karaoke-style tracks for all songs, allowing for fun and engaging practice sessions.

This DVD includes professionally choreographed dance routines to help your cast nail their performances.

Digital backdrops that can be projected during performances to enhance the visual experience of your musical.

Print, photocopy, duplicate and share any of the posted or digital items you receive in your ShowPack within your ogranisation. The Copying Licence gives you the ultimate flexibility and convenience to ensure all your cast and crew have what they need, when they need it.
Video record your performance and sell copies to your audience! All profits are yours to keep. Yet another excellent way to ensure your Musicline Musical is profitable for your Theatre School.
We also provide many resources to assist you on your musical journey, including Marketing Asset Packs (logos, artwork, etc.), Rehearsal Sheets, Audition Sheets, and a fantastic FunPack to keep cast members entertained when they aren't needed for a particular scene during rehearsals.
Receive all the above materials in digital format, making it easy to distribute and use across your production.

The only other cost you'll need to pay is your Performing Licence which is charged at 10% of your total ticket sales with a minimum due of £50 per performance.

Get your ShowPack today!

The Perfect Choice for ANY type of Theatre Group

Musicline Musicals

Musicline Musicals have garnered acclaim from theatre groups of all kinds, spanning the globe. From local community theaters in Putney to professional productions in Perth, our musicals have delighted audiences and performers alike. This worldwide endorsement highlights the universal appeal and exceptional quality of Musicline Musicals, making them a top choice for diverse theatrical endeavors.

Explore our vibrant musical collection below! Click on each book cover to dive deeper into the magic of each musical. Discover the captivating Synopsis, detailed Casting, and insightful Production Notes. Then, immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies by listening to the music. Enjoy the journey!

When you're ready, return to this page and fill out the form at the bottom to kickstart the simplest and most exciting musical production of your life!

All our shows for theatre schools are written by Craig Hawes. Craig lives and writes in the heart of Sherwood Forest, and when he’s not composing or playing the piano, he runs his own theatre company alongside his wife, the award-winning children’s director and choreographer Hayla Hawes. Together, they have been guiding children into the spotlight for over 30 years. They take all their experiences and channel them into their writing, ensuring their musicals are perfectly suited for any theatre group wishing to perform. With their extensive experience and dedication, you can be confident that a Craig Hawes Musical will bring unmatched expertise and charm to your production.

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