Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order / pay?

  • You can pay us by Credit/Debit Card, Paypal - OR
  • You can type a school order number into the box provided, (don't worry, you'll find it! ) - OR
  • You can type your name and the name of your school into the same box - OR
  • You can Phone, Fax, E mail, Post your order.

NOTE: Orders from outside Great Britain (The United Kingdom) must be paid for by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal ONLY at the time of ordering. Currency conversion is immediate and automatic.

Where do I find the free samples of Scripts, Scores and Songs?

Click on the "Script and Songs" tab attached to each musical's main page.

Why do I need Performing and Copying Licences?

Licences issued by Local Authorities, the P.R.S. or similar organisations do NOT cover you to COPY or PERFORM published School Plays, School Dramas, School Shows, School Musicals or any other type of School Production without the express permission of the publisher. The money from these licences is classed as "Royalties" and is used to pay the composers, authors and lyricists of the works being performed.

What is a download?

A download is a means of obtaining our scripts, scores, vocal tracks, backing tracks and licences without leaving your computer and without needing a postman.

What is "MP3"?

"MP3" is a method of digital recording.

What is "PDF"?

"PDF" is a method of exchanging documents between computers without upsetting the software, hardware or operating systems of those computers.

I understand that I don't need a pianist. How can this be?

Our backing tracks and vocal tracks are of such high quality that even schools which possess highly competent pianists on their staff are choosing to rehearse and perform using our CDs.


Please can you E mail or phone us after your production has ended to let us know how you got on and whether the production worked for you?