Christmas: Age 4-7

Jesus In The Manger

by Dave Corbett

"Simple and easy to use with catchy songs that the children enjoyed singing and acting to."

Susan Kelly, Assistant Head, St Mary's C of E Primary School

The Bethlehem Star

by Dave Corbett

"Great fun, especially for the audience who loved the media related content. From the moment I picked up the script and saw the brilliant humour (E Bray for donkeys) I knew it was going to be good... and it was"

Clive Ward, Peterborough


by Dave Corbett

"This was SO easy to stage"

Infant Teacher, South London

Mend The Manger

by Dave Corbett

"This was well pitched for the inclusion of our "Early Years"

Parent Helper, Lincolnshire

Manger Mouse

by Dave Corbett

"Lovely nativity with simple songs that were so easy to teach"

Sally Ward, Year 2 teacher, Lincolnshire

Penguin Pete

by Dave Corbett

"Catchy tunes which are easy to learn. It has a simple story and was great fun!"

Ginny Macpherson, Collaroy Plateau Public School, Sydney, Australia

Santa's Hat

by Dave Corbett

"The story and music was so appealing to younger children."

St Stephen's Catholic Primary, Kent

Santa's Setbacks

by Dave Corbett

"Just right for children of this age."

Key Stage 1 Teacher - South Ferriby Primary

40+ Sing-along-Carols & Christmas Songs

"This was ALL we needed for our Christmas party music"
"My assembly prayers answered!"

Eden Ward - Primary Teacher. S.E. London.

Christmas: Age 7-11

Bethlehem Bandits

by Dave Corbett

"Fun and easy to use with catchy songs which the children enjoy singing and acting to."

Susan Kelly, Assistant Head, St Mary's C of E Primary School


by Dave Corbett

"Lovely play with some pantomime and up to date TV themes, but also with the traditional Christmas theme reminding us of what Christmas is actually about."

Sharon Harvey, KS2 Teacher

Christmas Is Forever

by Dave Corbett

"Full of humour for both children and adults. We got lots of positive feedback from parents who went away humming or singing the songs."

Susan Kelly, Assistant Head, St Mary's C of E Primary School

Rock Around Christmas

by Dave Corbett

"Our Juniors loved this modern take on the Nativity story; for the first time ever, the boys actually wanted to sing the songs."

Eden Ward, Year Two Teacher, South London Primary School

Creepy Crawly Christmas

by Craig Hawes

"A fantastic show to perform!"
"We performed this last year for with our Year 1,2 and 3 children - a huge cast of 70 plus performers! It was superb... the characters were wonderful, there was great scope for fantastic costumes and scenery and the children absolutely LOVED performing it for their mums and dads!"

Class Teacher - Keyingham Primary School - Hull

The Little Shepherd

by Malcolm Sircom

"This Musical has got the lot; great songs, great humour and a VERY simple set."

Denise White - Headteacher - Blakenhale Junior School - Birmingham

The Good, The Bad And The Donkey

by Malcolm Sircom

"This proved ideal for our small Primary School - an easy set for a small stage."

D. Smith. Key Stage 2 teacher.

When Sasha Got Sucked Up The Chimney

by Craig Hawes

"I recommend this."

Wheatley Lane Primary School

Countdown To Christmas

by Mike Smith, Wilf Tudor

"A Christmas show with something for everyone. A very funny script with great songs."

Lincolnshire Primary School

The Sound Of Christmas

by Gawen Robinson, Stephen Robertson

"The songs are brilliant."

Jennie from a school in Hartlepool

Ebenezer (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"Excellent... parents rated it as outstanding"

Oakhill School

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

by Malcolm Sircom

"I played Linda in our school production. I loved the show. I couldn't help laughing when I read my script!!! I recommend this to anyone. Everyone will enjoy it. Believe me."

Maddy (Cast member)

Sulky Santa And The Boy Who Didn't Believe

by Ian McArthur

"The kids in our school loved performing this play. Great songs and wonderful dialogue!"

Dave Kemp (KS 2 Teacher)

Christmas: Age 4-11

Happy Birthday Jesus Nativity

by Mike Smith, Keith Dawson

"What a fantastic show! I did this with Y1,Y2 and Y3 and it worked beautifully. On the last night we got a standing ovation! I am not musical at all, but the CD was really helpful and the children learned the songs easily."

K.G. (Primary Teacher)

Michaelmas Mouse

by Dave Corbett

"It was a cool production!"

G.R.B. - Member of Cast

Follow That Star Nativity

by Gawen Robinson, Stephen Robertson

"A good, traditional Nativity with as much fun and humour as it is possible to have."

Eden Ward - Infant Teacher - S.E. London

The Magical Christmas Box Nativity

by Craig Hawes

"We loved performing it!"

Michelle Ladkins (Class teacher)

Pictures Of A Christmas World

by Mike Smith, Keith Dawson

"What a lovely show: a multi - country Christmas."

Denise White - Headteacher - Blakenhale Junior School - Birmingham

Infant: Age 4-7

The Goblin Next Door (Infant Production)

by Fran Carpenter

"What a super show, with lots of parts for everyone."

Year 2 Teacher, Gloucestershire.

The Seven Little Penguins (Infant Show)

by Fran Carpenter

"A sensational production... the children had huge fun and sang the songs long after!"

Year 1 Teacher - Northwood

Rise And Shine (Infant Production)

by Dave Corbett

"This musical celebrates Easter brilliantly without upsetting ANY religious sensibilities."

Ayscoughfee Hall School, Spalding, Lincolnshire

Junior: Age 7-11

Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"A real joy to rehearse and perform - the catchy songs and hysterical script made it non-stop fun for pupils and parents alike! I'm still singing the songs in the car!"

David Fotheringham, Head Teacher, Gamston Primary School.

Shakespeare Rocks! (Junior Production)

by Steve Titford

"Definitely the best script I have ever read"

Nicola Laud, Year 6 teacher, Lincolnshire.

Go For Goal (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"What a brilliant script - I loved this (and I hate football!). Songs are terrific - hand out the tissues before "The World at your Feet" finale."

Sally Chester, Deputy Head - Ayscoughfee Hall School, Lincolnshire.

Go For Gold (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"Very funny script with a few moral asides thrown in - historically accurate too. Songs are terrific - if this doesn't whet your pupils' Olympic appetites, nothing will!"

Sally Chester, Deputy Head - Ayscoughfee Hall School, Lincolnshire.

Time Lord (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"What a great idea; the children love the "Boudicca" and "Beethoven" scenes."

Sally Chester, Deputy Head - Ayscoughfee Hall School, Lincolnshire.

Porridge (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"A clever story, hilarious script and fabulous songs that our whole school loved performing. The parents and pupils are still talking about it - a spectacular success!"

Joanna Hall, Head Teacher, North Wheatley Primary School, Retford.

Zoom! (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"Well written with jokes that the children understood! We performed this with 90 children, good range of parts. One of the best children's musicals I've performed."

St Peters Methodist Primary.

The Dracula Rock Show (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"This was the show we chose for our last production. The children enjoyed every moment and the reviews from the parents were the best ever! It was funny, entertaining and had some wonderful musical numbers. It was the best show ever!"

Cwmdare Primary School - Wales.

The Wind In The Willows (Junior Production)

by Mike Smith

"Wonderfully easy songs to learn and when "My Home" was sung there wasn't a dry eye in the house!"

St Minver School - Cornwall.

Pirates Of The Curry Bean (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"Fantastically funny show that all our pupils & parents simply adored!"

Claire Mackinder (Head Teacher - Ranby C of E Primary, Nottingham)

Olivia! (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"What a fantastic show with high quality music and lots for all the children to do. The best musical I have ever directed."

Sue, Youth Theatre tutor and director

The Rocky Monster Show (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"We performed "The Rocky Monster Show" with an exceptional year 6 group last year and it was a WONDERFUL experience! It was especially perfect for the more quirky members of our class and it is definitely worth doing!!"

Sarum St. Pauls Primary School - Wiltshire.

What A Knight! (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"A Knight to Remember!"
"Our Year 6 children have had us in hysterics today performing this to the rest of the school. Other teachers said it was the best play they've seen performed at the school for a long while. What can I say? Excellent script and music makes it really easy to stage and the kids just love performing it. Thanks to the composer!"

Melanie Oakley - Sybourn Primary School - London

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"I loved acting in it at my school. I love the song "Rat Pack".

Chelsea - Cast Member

Ye-Ha! (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"An unforgettable experience for all of us!"
"Year 5 and 6 performed Ye-ha at the end of this academic year and it was brilliant. The script is witty and intelligent, appealing to the adults and children alike. The music is toe-tappingly good and very easily learnt - producing some of the best singing the year groups have ever achieved. All in all a hugely positive experience for all of us."

Jenny Carlyle - Pulham Primary School

Splash! (Junior Production)

by Craig Hawes

"Roaring Success!!"
"A fantastic script. Characters were brilliant and music outstanding! Craig Hawes is a genius!!"

Sue Halton - Drama Teacher

We'll Meet Again (Primary Production)

by Gawen Robinson, Keith Dawson

"A brilliant resource to support cross curricular learning, whilst creatively supporting the 'Every Child Matters' strand of enjoyment and achievement. Your children will love it!"

Ayscoughfee Hall School, Spalding, Lincs

Alice The Musical (Junior Production)

by Mike Smith & Robin Hayes

"This was the first production that I had organised and co-ordinated. I found the script to be brilliantly written and the songs were so catchy, I had the staff singing everywhere they went! There was lots of additional information within the script package, on the characters and stage directions, which helped with the overall performance. We had over 70 performers, ranging from 4-11 years old and they all really enjoyed it."
"Would highly recommend Alice the Musical."

Shelley Cheeseman - Okeford Fitzpaine CE VA Primary School - Blandford

Ebenezer (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"An excellent version of "A Christmas Carol". Songs are wonderful and easy to learn. Excellent for a whole school production. Parents rated it as outstanding."

Oakhill School - USA

Greece Goes To Pieces (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"This show went down a storm and really put across the Greeks' topic in a powerful and interesting way. The CD gave us the flexibility to add in live music as well as recorded."

Old Mill Primary School - Leicester.

The Glint Of Gold (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"I have been putting on plays for 10 years and this has been the best. The music was fantastic; easy to learn with catchy tunes. Thank you."

Newcastle Prep School - Newcastle on Tyne.

The Tudor Rose (Junior Production)

by Gawen Robinson

"Everyone enjoyed and learned a lot from this experience. The pupils enjoyed it and I, as Director, appreciated the skilled, orchestrated backing music that worked on the mood of the piece and carried the performers along."

Adele Evitt - Director of Show.

Dream On (Junior Production)

by Malcolm Sircom

"Shakespeare made easy! Simply scintillating and so simple to stage! Our cast loved it! As did our audiences."

Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop - Scotland.

Primary: Age 4 -11

Oink! (Primary Production)

by Craig Hawes

"Performed this with 90 KS2 children ... superb and lots of fun!"

Leslie Lacey, St James CE Primary School, Chorley

Senior: Age 11-18

Cindy (Youth Theater Musical)

by Mike Smith, Wilf Tudor

"The musical is, itself, just amazing and we're all enjoying it very much. The girls in our PR department love the storyline. The songs are some of the most lovely and professional we have encountered - everyone is singing them."
"Thank you for writing such a wonderful musical - you're amazing!"

The Principal - Stage Arts - Rochester

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"A highly entertaining show, with lots of parts to suit our age group, from littlest rats to romantic leads. The music was easy to sing. The Ladies' Guild was a huge hit with our audience."

Miller South School - Ohio - USA.

The Dracula Rock Show (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"Excellent show to do. Had a cast of 52 children, they loved it. The music and songs were easy to learn. One of the best shows we have done."

Haig School, Gutersloh, Germany

The Pinafore Pirates (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"Great music, great script. Senior version a challenge for 7-11yrs but they had a ball! Our best show to date! Audience loved it!"

Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop - South Lanarkshire.

Alice The Musical (Youth Theater Musical)

by Mike Smith

"Outstanding production. Music is just wonderful. Very workable and enjoyable to do. Audience just LOVED it."

The Paramount Theatre - New York - USA.

Ebenezer (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"Excellent... parents rated it as outstanding."

Oakhill School - Stoke on Trent - Staffordshire

The Rocky Monster Show (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"A very well written storyline with great musical numbers too, fun for all ages very easy to stage, Our cast really enjoyed performing The Rocky Monster Show."

Broxburn Footlights Youth Drama Group

Olivia! (Youth Theater Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

"This is now the second year I have produced Olivia! with pupils aged between 10-18. On both occasions the show was well received by the audience. The script is adaptable to individual circumstances and it is possible to have cast members playing multiple parts. The script abounds with humour, wit, backed up with lyrical and catchy musical numbers. The audience enjoy the references to well-known characters and are engaged fully from beginning to end. Highly recommended!"

Ryan Lowe, Tobermory High School, Isle of Mull