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We have a couple of great musicals for your KS3 and KS4 children to really get their teeth stuck into. Olivia! is a 2 hour extravaganza (split over two acts) which has band parts available so you can really go to town on your KS3 / KS4 production. If you're after a KS3 or KS4 school play that's a bit less daunting then take a look at The X Factory which is a fantastic spoof-titled senior school musical that will have everyone chuckling away.

Please have a browse, we're sure you'll find something suitable. If you have any questions or need any further information please Contact Us. We'd love to help.

Olivia! (Senior KS3 and KS4 School Musical)

by Malcolm Sircom

Now with ORCHESTRAL PARTS for your School Orchestra
Ideal Cast Size 60
Speaking Roles 35
Minimum Cast Size 40
Duration (minutes)120
A Female Oliver!

"Olivia is an absolutely fantastic show in every way."

Woods Foundation School - Nottinghamshire

"Better than 'Joseph'!"

Georgian Theatre Royal - Richmond - North Yorkshire

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The X Factory (KS3 and KS4 Musical Play)

by Gawen Robinson

Cast Size (Flexible) 50-60
Speaking Roles 31
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes) 60-80

"Pupils, parents and staff raved about this fantastic show. The hilariously funny jokes, catchy songs and excellent script allows for a fantastic performance to be given. Kids learned their lines quickly and enjoyed learning the song lyrics. If you're looking for a school show that's current but a bit different from the standard, this is the one to go for. Thank you to the writers and team that brought the X Factory to life for us all to enjoy."

Martin Craig, St John's, Port Glasgow

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