KS2 Christmas Plays, Musicals and Productions

Please take a browse through our fantastic selection of KS2 Christmas plays. Everything from a classic "Christmas Carol" play to a modern, James Bond inspired, Christmas, KS2 production! We definitely have a Christmas play that your KS2 junior kids will love to be part of.

If you have any questions or need any further information about our children's KS2 Christmas musicals and shows please Contact Us. We'd love to help.

Christmas Grotto

by Dave Corbett

Ideal Cast Size 40
Speaking Roles 31
Minimum Cast Size 23
Duration (minutes)45
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The Christmas Factory

by Dave Corbett

Ideal Cast Size 66
Speaking Roles 29
Minimum Cast Size 29
Duration (minutes)35
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Christmas Is Forever

by Dave Corbett

The "James Bond...(ish)" Double "O" ps (OOPS!) Christmas Musical

"Full of humour for both children and adults. We got lots of positive feedback from parents who went away humming or singing the songs."

Susan Kelly, Assistant Head, St Mary's C of E Primary School

Ideal Cast Size 48
Speaking Roles 38
Minimum Cast Size 29
Duration (minutes)50
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When Sasha Got Swept Up The Chimney

by Craig Hawes

"Highly recommended - heartwarming, well constructed, fun, cute moments available - our audiences loved it too! Just the right length for a children's musical if Sasha is on your short list GO FOR IT!!!"

Anita Gough, Centre Pointe Dance Studio

Ideal Cast Size 61
Speaking Roles 37
Minimum Cast Size 30
Duration (minutes)60
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Having Fun At Christmas

by Les Titford

Socks... Pants... Handkerchiefs... It's Dad's "Stocking Filler" Time!

"This show fits all - the perfect solution"

Kim Biggs, Music Teacher, Bicker Prep School, Lincolnshire

Ideal Cast Size Flexible; See "Casting" tab
Duration (minutes)50-60 or 5-8 per Sketch
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by Malcolm Sircom

Ideal Cast Size 73
Speaking Roles 33
Minimum Cast Size 45
Duration (minutes)75

"Excellent... parents rated it as outstanding."

Oakhill School

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Sulky Santa And The Boy Who Didn't Believe

by Ian McArthur

"The kids in our school loved performing this play. Great songs and wonderful dialogue!"

Dave Kemp, KS2 Teacher

Ideal Cast Size 68
Speaking Roles 43
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)45
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Countdown To Christmas

by Mike Smith & Wilf Tudor

"A Christmas show with something for everyone. A very funny script with great songs."

Lincolnshire Primary School

Ideal Cast Size 53
Speaking Roles 42
Minimum Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)60
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Pictures Of A Christmas World

by Malcolm Sircom

"What a lovely show: a multi - country Christmas."

Denise White - Headteacher - Blakenhale Junior School - Birmingham

Ideal Cast Size 77
Speaking Roles 46
Minimum Cast Size 36
Duration (minutes)50
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30+ Sing Along Carols & Christmas Songs

"This was ALL we needed for our Christmas party music."

Jo Smith - Primary Teacher. S.E. London.

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