KS2 (age 7-11) musicals 60 minutes or less duration

Star Warts: The Umpire Strikes Back (Reduced Version)

by Craig Hawes

Reduced Version (50 minutes. 7 Songs.)
Click HERE for the Full Version (80 minutes. 9 Songs)

Named Characters 55
Speaking Roles 50
Reduced Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)50

"My all time favourite of the Craig Hawes shows... so far! Hilarious script and catchy songs make this an absolute hit with adults and children alike. Our children created memories to treasure after being part of such a brilliant show!"

Lisa Crossland, Cuckney Primary School

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The Greatest Show

by Mike Horth & Jan Porter

Ideal Cast Size 44
Speaking Roles 30
Minimum Cast Size 33
Duration (minutes)50-60

"Colouful, energetic and packed full of show stopping songs that your pupils will be singing in the playground!"

Denise White, Retired Head Teacher

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Go For Gold

by Gawen Robinson

Celebrate the Olympics with this sporty little number!
Ideal Cast Size 44
Speaking Roles 42
Minimum Cast Size 32
Duration (minutes)50-60

"A fantastic reception from the parents and kids loved performing. So much positive feedback from parents. The characters and one liners went down a treat and there was a good balance of history and humour."

Andy Taylor, Tanners Wood Primary School, Abbots Langley.

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We'll Meet Again

by Keith Dawson & Gawen Robinson

Ideal Cast Size 70
Speaking Roles 48
Minimum Cast Size 36
Duration (minutes)55-60

"What a wonderful way to show what life was REALLY like for children during World War 2; a term of history lessons in one production."

Denise White - Headteacher, Blakenhale Junior School, Birmingham

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What's The Crime, Mr Wolf?

by Mike Horth & Jan Porter

Ideal Cast Size 64
Speaking Roles 49
Minimum Cast Size 33
Duration (minutes)55-65


"I cannot imagine why anyone would not want to put this on."

Nic Laud, KS2 Year 6 teacher

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Shakespeare Rocks!

by Steve Titford

Celebrate the 400th anniversary of the printing of Shakespeare's First Folio in 1623!

Links to New National Curriculum... English/History

Ideal Cast Size 73
Speaking Roles 57
Minimum Cast Size 30
Duration (minutes)45-50

"This is by far the best musical for kids and youth I have ever seen or directed. The music was wonderful and the kids sang their hearts out! Wonderful, everyone should do this musical."

Vicki Vickers, Bacon Theater Children's Playhouse/Bacon County Schools, Alma, Georgia, USA

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Let The Games Begin

by Mike Smith, Steve Titford, Wilf Tudor & Robin Hayes

Ideal Cast Size 63
Speaking Roles 29
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)50-60

"An amazing soundtrack and superb story line. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!"

Laura Parry-Woolner, Charlotte Sharman Primary School, London

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What A Knight!

by Craig Hawes

Ideal Cast Size 64
Speaking Roles 44
Minimum Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)60

"A joy to watch with a very clear and precise script."

Mary Rose, KS2 Teacher

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The Pied Piper

by Malcolm Sircom

Ideal Cast Size 92
Speaking Roles 92
Minimum Cast Size 40
Duration (minutes)50

"A lively, funny show with great child and audience appeal. A testimony to its success was to hear children who had been in the audience singing the songs."

St. Edward's Junior school Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Glos.

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Darwin Rocks!

by Steve Titford

Links to New National Curriculum... Science/History

Ideal Cast Size 59
Speaking Roles 55
Minimum Cast Size 34
Duration (minutes)50-60

"From the moment we played the first song to the children, they were hooked and strains of 'Nothing Beats Being You' and 'Tierra del Fuego' could be heard drifting down the corridors. Proof of its popularity was witnessed when the children performed their own impromptu jamming session of Darwin Rocks with true passion and abandon after the first performance. ... It was easy to stage, with brilliant parts for an entire year group and the accolades we have received after the performance have been the best ever. Well done, and thank you, Steve Titford and Musicline!"

Kate MacKrell and Chrissy Boulton, Binfield CE Primary School (VA), Binfield

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The Emoji Musical

by Mike Smith & Wilf Tudor

Ideal Cast Size 62
Speaking Roles 42
Minimum Cast Size 29
Duration (minutes)55

"The script is full of fun as Dolly meets the different Emoji characters."

Naomi Randell, Primary School Music Teacher

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