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Primary School Nativity Plays for Children

Our writers have composed some of the best primary school Nativities for children available today. We go to great lengths to ensure you're provided with everything you need to stage your primary school Nativity with ease. All our Nativities for primaries include great, upbeat songs that we've designed to be as simple and easy to learn as possible, whilst still retaining a bright and interesting feeling of musicality.

Have a look at the Nativity shows below and get everyone in your primary school in the Christmas musical spirit!

If you need any further information regarding our primary school Nativity plays please Contact Us. We'd love to help.

30+ Sing Along Carols & Christmas Songs

"This was ALL we needed for our Christmas party music."

Jo Smith - Primary Teacher. S.E. London.

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The Camel's Arms

by Dave Corbett

Ideal Cast Size 40
Speaking Roles 19
Minimum Cast Size 19
Duration (minutes)35
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The Magical Christmas Box (Nativity)

by Craig Hawes

"We loved performing it!"

Michelle Ladkins, Class teacher

Ideal Cast Size 51
Speaking Roles 43
Minimum Cast Size 31
Duration (minutes)35
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Michaelmas Mouse (Nativity)

by Dave Corbett

"The songs are simply the best."

Kathy Ogden - Infant Teacher

Ideal Cast Size 57
Speaking Roles 48
Minimum Cast Size 35
Duration (minutes)35
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Happy Birthday Jesus (Nativity)

by Mike Smith

"What a fantastic show! I did this with Y1,Y2 and Y3 and it worked beautifully. On the last night we got a standing ovation! I am not musical at all, but the CDs were really helpful and the children learned the songs easily."

K.G., Primary Teacher

Ideal Cast Size 41
Speaking Roles 32
Minimum Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)35
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Follow That Star (Nativity)

by Gawen Robinson & Stephen Robertson

"A good, traditional Nativity with as much fun and humour as it is possible to have."

Becky Jones - Infant Teacher - S.E. London

Ideal Cast Size 32
Speaking Roles 14
Minimum Cast Size 20
Duration (minutes)35
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