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Our youth theatre plays for children give young people the opportunity to expand their singing and drama skills with maximum enjoyment.

Youths can have extremely mixed abilities. Therefore our musicals accommodate an array of talents and experience.

Each of our plays for mature kids has an inspiring collection of songs and an engrossing story.

Please browse our collection. We promise you'll be pleased with what you find. If you have any questions or need any further information please Contact Us. We'd love to help.


by Malcolm Sircom

Ideal Cast Size 51
Speaking Roles 32
Minimum Cast Size 32
Duration (minutes)75

"I loved the music - it's so nice to do a schools musical that sounds like a 'real' musical! I'll be buying from this site again, definitely!"

Stenton Primary School, Dunbar

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Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies

by Craig Hawes

Discover the hilarious truth behind the legend of Robin Hood in this great musical comedy!

Ideal Cast Size 43
Speaking Roles 43
Minimum Cast Size 22
Duration (minutes)60-80

"A real joy to rehearse and perform - the catchy songs and hysterical script made it non-stop fun for pupils and parents alike! I'm still singing the songs in the car!"

David Fotheringham, Head Teacher, Gamston Primary School.

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The X Factory

by Gawen Robinson

Cast Size (Flexible) 50-60
Speaking Roles 31
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)60-80

"Pupils, parents and staff raved about this fantastic show. The hilariously funny jokes, catchy songs and excellent script allows for a fantastic performance to be given. Kids learned their lines quickly and enjoyed learning the song lyrics. If you're looking for a school show that's current but a bit different from the standard, this is the one to go for. Thank you to the writers and team that brought the X Factory to life for us all to enjoy."

Martin Craig, St John's Primary , Port Glasgow

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Rock Bottom

by Craig Hawes

Cast Size (Flexible) 51
Speaking Roles 41
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)80

"You'd be mad not to buy this - yet another hilarious hit from Craig Hawes."

Laura Mitchell, Oak Farm Junior School, Hillingdon

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Shakespeare Rocks!

by Steve Titford

Celebrate the 400th anniversary of the printing of Shakespeare's First Folio in 1623!

Links to New National Curriculum... English/History

Ideal Cast Size 73
Speaking Roles 57
Minimum Cast Size 30
Duration (minutes)45-50

"This is by far the best musical for kids and youth I have ever seen or directed. The music was wonderful and the kids sang their hearts out! Wonderful, everyone should do this musical."

Vicki Vickers, Bacon Theater Children's Playhouse/Bacon County Schools, Alma, Georgia, USA

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The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

by Craig Hawes

Ideal Cast Size 54
Speaking Roles 42
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)70-90

"A Craig Hawes show is always a guaranteed hit at our school, but Superstan has to be his best yet!"

Peter Delafield, St. Luke's Primary

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by Malcolm Sircom

Ideal Cast Size 73
Speaking Roles 33
Minimum Cast Size 45
Duration (minutes)75

"Excellent... parents rated it as outstanding."

Oakhill School

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What A Knight!

by Craig Hawes

Ideal Cast Size 64
Speaking Roles 44
Minimum Cast Size 28
Duration (minutes)60

"A joy to watch with a very clear and precise script."

Mary Rose, KS2 Teacher

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Let The Games Begin

by Mike Smith, Steve Titford, Wilf Tudor & Robin Hayes

Ideal Cast Size 63
Speaking Roles 29
Minimum Cast Size 25
Duration (minutes)50-60

"An amazing soundtrack and superb story line. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!"

Laura Parry-Woolner, Charlotte Sharman Primary School, London

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The Rocky Monster Show

by Malcolm Sircom

Ideal Cast Size 52
Speaking Roles 23
Minimum Cast Size 19
Duration (minutes)60-80

"Performed with Years 3 to 6 to a very appreciative audience! I thoroughly recommend it - I will definitely be performing it again in the near future!"

Kirsty Davies - Music Co-Ordinator

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Alice The Musical

by Mike Smith, Keith Dawson & Wilf Tudor

Ideal Cast Size 65
Speaking Roles 20
Minimum Cast Size 34
Duration (minutes)55-65

"I'd just like to say "Well Done" for this superb musical."

Key Stage 2 Music Co-ordinator - Lincolnshire

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Dream On

by Malcolm Sircom

Celebrate over 400 years of Shakespeare's creative legacy with our superb adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Ideal Cast Size 50
Speaking Roles 23
Minimum Cast Size 26
Duration (minutes)75

Takes the fear out of Shakespeare

"Shakespeare made easy!"

Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop

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The Wind In The Willows

by Mike Smith & Keith Dawson

  • 14 speaking roles plus several cameo parts; easily reduced or expanded.
  • Unlimited chorus parts.
  • CDs of Vocal and Backing Tracks.
  • Piano Score available.
  • Age range - Key Stage 2 Production (7-11 years).
  • Duration - One hour 15 minutes.
  • "Sing It!" now available!

"There wasn't a dry eye in the house!"

St Minver School, Cornwell

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