Magna Carta Assembly FREE Resource

You will receive:-

Magna Carta Assembly Script Word Doc complemented by our "PowerPoint" presentation.

Check out the FULL musical "Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies" by clicking HERE.

You will also receive:-

The Song "If We All Work Together" taken from the Musicline Musical "Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies"

Listed below are the Song items...

  • Photocopiable Song Lyrics (PDF).
  • Easy-Play Piano Score version (PDF).
  • Performance Piano Score version (PDF).
  • MP3s of Backing and Vocal tracks.

FREE Key Stage 2 Assembly

Download (19 MB)

FREE Sing it! song "If We All Work Together"

Sing it! by Musicline School Musicals Download (67 MB)

N.B. Before downloading the PowerPoint assembly, please read:-

On some computers, the PowerPoint is displayed with slides on the left side of the screen. If this is the case with your computer, read on...

When the Magna Carta "PowerPoint" is on screen:-

  1. Don't click the slides... it's not that sort of PowerPoint!
  2. Left click "Slide Show" at the top of your screen.
  3. Left click "From Beginning" at the top left of your screen - this will activate the "PowerPoint" proper.
  4. Left click anywhere to move from slide to slide.
  5. Press "Esc" on your keyboard to exit "PowerPoint" at any time.

If you're having trouble with the ZIP file download, please try these individual download links below:
Assembly Word Doc - click HERE to download.
Assembly PowerPoint - click HERE to download.
Piano Performance Score - click HERE to download.
Piano Easy Play Score - click HERE to download.
Song Backing Track MP3 - click HERE to download.
Song Vocal Track MP3 - click HERE to download.
Lyrics PDF - click HERE to download.

Depending on how your computer is setup, you may need to right mouse button click each file and select Save target/link as... in order to save the file to a location on your computer.