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It's still a great time to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday.

Shows like Dream On, a Shakespeare Key Stage 2 primary school musical adaptation of a Midsummer Night's Dream, take the fear out of the bard. We are grateful to the teacher and playwright Steve Titford for his help and assistance in "Brushing up our Shakespeare".

Steve Titford has also written a tribute to Shakespeare's birthday, another Shakespeare KS2 Junior School Musical called Shakespeare Rocks!, already described by a seasoned Year 6 teacher as having "The best script I've ever read".

Shakespeare Rocks! and Dream On are also suitable for Middle School and Secondary children up to age 14 years. The life and times of William Shakespeare are brilliantly illuminated in these sparking and brilliant musical homages to the bard.

Shakespeare Rocks!

by Steve Titford

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"This is by far the best musical for kids and youth I have ever seen or directed. The music was wonderful and the kids sang their hearts out! Wonderful, everyone should do this musical."

Vicki Vickers, Bacon Theater Children's Playhouse/Bacon County Schools, Alma, Georgia, USA

Celebrate William Shakespeare's 460th Birthday in 2024

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Ideal Cast Size 73
Speaking Roles 57
Minimum Cast Size 30
Duration (minutes)45-50
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Dream On

by Malcolm Sircom

Project it! Sing it!

"Shakespeare made easy!"

Biggar Junior Theatre Workshop

Celebrate over 400 years of Shakespeare's creative legacy with our superb adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Takes the fear out of Shakespeare

Ideal Cast Size 50
Speaking Roles 23
Minimum Cast Size 26
Duration (minutes)75
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