Tech Tips

Here we've listed a load of helpful tech tip videos and information to assist you. If there is anything you need further help with or you can recomend a video we could make to make this page even more helpful, please Contact Us.

Best FREE Windows and Mac software for live show playback

Steve Titford guides us through using FREE software to create a playlist that allows each track to automatically stop, ready for the next track to be played. It sounds simple, but this is incredibly important when cueing music for a live performance! VLC can be downloaded here:

Guide to downloading, unzipping and adding MP3s to Windows Media Player

Note: This video has no sound. This is a quick guide to downloading a Musicline Musicals ZIP file or MP3s and adding those MP3s to Windows Media Player. We recomend VLC for better control of playback in a live production environment. See the 'Best FREE Windows and Mac software for live show playback' on this page for more details.